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Pro Se Productions, a cutting edge Publisher of Heroic Fiction and New Pulp, is proud to announce the perfect jumping-on point for fans of adventure – The Rook Volume One Special Edition!

Created by author Barry Reese, The Rook has become one of the most famous New Pulp heroes. Originally published by Wild Cat Books, The Rook joined Pro Se prior to the release of Volume Six. Now Pro Se begins the process of bringing books 1-5 back into print.

"I'm thrilled,” said Reese, “to have The Rook Volume One back in print. This is the book that kicks off the entire series and is really the beginning of my greater interconnected pulp universe. The work that was done on the book has left it significantly improved - the editing is much tighter now, Sean Ali knocked it out of the park on the design aspect and George Sellas brought out the big guns with his artwork. Max Davies has been living with me for nearly a decade now.. and he's never looked better!"

“It’s our honor,” stated Tommy Hancock, Partner in and Editor in Chief of Pro Se, “to not only have Barry as a major part of our lineup, but also to have the opportunity to really put our brand on the whole Rook franchise from the start.  This volume is the first of making sure that The Rook’s entire written history has a classic, uniform look.  One that will be a great literary and visual addition to any bookshelf.”

With a beautiful new cover and four interior pieces by George Sellas, The Rook Volume One Special Edition has been completely re-edited and gorgeously packaged by Pro Se designer Sean Ali.
THE ROOK VOLUME ONE SPECIAL EDITION is available at Pro Se's Createspace store by clicking HERE.

Get your copy from Amazon by clicking HERE.

Friday, October 26, 2012


Pro Se Productions, a cutting edge Publisher of Heroic Fiction and New Pulp, introduces a concept that plunges a Team of Adventurers headlong into cataclysmic conflict with classic horror creatures!  They don’t just hunt Monsters… They Destroy Them! They are the MONSTER ACES!

 Having selflessly abandoned their identities, their pasts and their futures, the Monster Aces are all that stand between humanity and the fell creatures that lurk in the shadows. Four men and one woman use their amazing abilities as a team to scour the globe for monsters and bring an end to their unholy existence - whatever the danger, whatever the cost. Through five thrilling tales crafted by some of Heroic Fiction’s most engaging authors you will ride alongside the Aces on the trail of monsters both classic and new. No environment is too severe nor too remote for these adventurers to seek their prey and destroy them forever. The team, lead by a mysterious military veteran, uncover evil in mysterious European villages, in dark forests and fetid swamps, in ancient rivers and on the high seas…monsters are everywhere, but so too are the Monster Aces. Concept creator Jim Beard is joined by writers Ron Fortier, Barry Reese, and Van Plexico for a new twist on the classic monster stories of yore, a unique melding of horror and driving pulp action that will thrill and chill you.

Featuring appropriately creepy and stunning cover art by Terry Pavlet and the always exemplary design and logo work of Sean Ali, MONSTER ACES is equal parts action, horror, and mayhem as Man versus Monster in five titanic tales of terror!

MONSTER ACES is available at Pro Se's Createspace store by clicking HERE!

Get your copy of MONSTER ACES at Amazon by clicking HERE!

Ebook coming SOON!

And join Creator Jim Beard and Contributor Barry Reese at Pro Se's Promotional Party for MONSTER ACES via Shindig on Saturday, October 27, 2012 from 2 to 3:30 PM at http://www.shindig.com/event/prose2 .  RSVP Today!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Pro Se Productions, a leading Publisher of New Pulp, Heroic Fiction, and Genre Adventure continues its excellent tradition of terrific short stories with the latest issue of its award winning magazine- PRO SE PRESENTS #14!

Fear and Fantasy reign in PRO SE PRESENTS #14! First, an exclusive excerpt of James Palmer's Occult Mystery novel- SLOW DJINN! Then Kevin Rodgers explores what fear really means in CLAUSTROPHOBIA! Finally, Pro Se introduces the world to Kristy Zebell and her debut tale WARMTH OF THE ICY SOUL!

Featuring Stunning Cover Art as well as Interior Art by Sean E. Ali, this issue is a sight to see!

PRO SE PRESENTS #14 available at Pro Se's store HERE! And at Amazon HERE! for $6.00!  Coming soon as an Ebook!

Guns, Terror, Swords, and more in this month's PRO SE PRESENTS from PRO SE PRODUCTIONS- Puttin' The Monthly Back into Pulp!

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Following the tremendous success of its first online promotion party with Shindig, Pro Se Productions proudly announces its next Promo Party for upcoming releases!

October 27- From 2:00 PM- 3:30 PM EST

Professional Author Barry Reese is perhaps best known for his seminal New Pulp Creation, The Rook! Join Barry as he discusses all things Rook to promote the re release of The Rook Volume 1 as a Pro Se Productions Special Edition! Giveaways, readings, and more! Also, Join Barry Reese as well as concept creator Jim Beard to talk about the all new MONSTER ACES anthology featuring great heroes against classic monsters out in time for HALLOWEEN!!

Get your mike ready and your webcam, too (if you have one) and enjoy the fun!
To RSVP, go to www.shindig.com/event/prose2 and sign up today!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


The Pro Se Open is a list of Anthologies that Pro Se plans to do in the future. This is an open call on all the books listed in the Open, that is anyone can submit a story for any of the books in the list. For some of the anthologies, there is no deadline essentially, that is until all the slots open in any given book are filled. However, some will have deadlines attached and these will be noted by each individual title.

The Process will be as follows-
1. An upcoming Anthology is listed in the Pro Se Open.
2. Submissions are accepted (a 2-3 paragraph proposal for the story and at least a two page writing sample if you are a new writer submitting to Pro Se)
3. When the slots for the collection are all filled, a deadline for story completion will be set of approximately ninety days from the closing of the anthology. This will give writers time to complete their tales, artists time to do covers, etc.
4. The book will be published within approximately 30 days following the passing of the deadline.

 Even though the deadline will be 2-3 months out once a book is closed, Editors assigned to these projects will follow up, monitor, and make sure work is being done. Steps will be taken to move the anthology along as planned if work is not being done in a timely manner.  This means, however, that until all the slots are filled on an anthology in The Pro Se Open, it will remain open, but it is Pro Se's commitment that once all the works are in for a particular collection, that that collection move into high gear toward publication, regardless of current publishing schedule.

The Pro Se Open will be updated periodically as to adding new collections and removing ones that have been filled.

New Anthologies to the Open as of 10/18/12 are As Follows-

TALL PULP- Although every country has its mythologies, none quite have the same flavor as that of that infant of a nation, The Good Ol' US of A.   Instead of Gods and such, a whole crop of larger than life type heroes and characters have popped up throughout American history, collectively known as 'Tall Tales'...   TALL PULP (tentative title) will focus on characters who populate American Folklore, such as Paul Bunyan, Mike Fink, Pecos Bill, and more!  These stories, each 10,000 words in length, will be Pulp minded tales that focus on one Tall Tale figure (either completely fictional or the tall tale version of a real person, such as Davy Crockett).  These stories may either be retellings of the original legends with a Pulp flavor, set in the original time period of the characters themselves, or can be completely new updatings of these characters into other settings (John Henry in 1930s Chicago for instance)  Three stories, 10,000 word stories

COVERT OPS: GEMINI- Not all spies are actors, models, or...spies in their off mission time.  Under a particular program in the United States, active since the 1950s, hundreds, maybe even thousands of America's top secret operatives live the majority of their lives as housewives, plumbers, teachers, garbagemen, and other ordinary, even mundane existences.  But when they receive a message with their own personal codename followed by a single word- Gemini- then they leave suburbia or the rat race and become America's only hope for survival.  Outside of their 'real' lives, these spies show skills and talents not ever apparent in their daily existence.  Guided by a voice known only as 'Officer James', C.O.G. Team Leaders stand ready to pull the best and most devious spies available to the US out of the humdrum and plunge them straight into danger.  Three stories, 10,000 words each (If interested, request bible).

BADGE CITY-  This collection is all Police Procedural, but with a slight twist.   Set in an unnamed metropolis, referred to by the local cops and even crooks as Badge City due to the tenacity of the police force, the three stories in this collection will be set in three different time periods and each story will focus on a member of the Connors Family, each one serving on the Police force in some capacity.   Starting in the 1930s-50s, then moving onto the 1960s-80s, and ending in the 1990s-now, three writers get the opportunity to write true police procedurals as written in the eras covered while building the history of a family and a city! Think Dragnet meets 87th Precinct meets Blue Bloods.   Three stories, 10,000 words each (If interested, request bible.)

Anthologies previously listed in the Pro Se Open  and their status are as follows- 

PULPOLOGY- It has been said often that Pulp has its origins in ancient tales, legends, the mythologies of many lands. Taking this to heart, this anthology will feature stories starring characters from mythologies around the world! Actual mythological characters in new adventures set in their own era, the ancient world of heroes and monsters, or updated takes on classic myths (Jason and The Argonauts in the Old West, for example). Either way, these stories will spotlight the characters and strengths of mythologies world wide and put a two fisted, high octane Pulp spin on the legends themselves! 3 Stories, 10,000 words each. VOLUME ONE OF THIS ANTHOLOGY IS CLOSED PENDING ACCEPTED STORIES BEING TURNED IN, ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS FOR VOLUME TWO

SIX GUNS AND SPACESHIPS- This is a wide open, do it as you want Space Western Anthology. The requirements- It's got to be a mash up between classic westerns and space opera (Firefly, Outland, Bravestarr, just a few examples). It doesn't take place on Earth at all, has to be off planet, but time period and location beyond that are up to the writer! Three Stories, 10,000 word stories VOLUME ONE OF THIS ANTHOLOGY IS CLOSED PENDING ACCEPTED STORIES BEING TURNED IN, ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS FOR VOLUME TWO

TO LOVE AND DIE- Pulp Romance is back! And its deadlier than ever! These stories will be set in any time period up until modern day and must feature two things-Romance...and Treachery. These stories may be mysteries, horror tales, adventure yarns, whatever, but there must be a strong core of romance mixed with danger throughout. Three Open Slots, 10,000 word stories- VOLUME ONE OF THIS ANTHOLOGY IS CLOSED PENDING ACCEPTED STORIES BEING TURNED IN. ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS FOR VOLUME TWO

THE BLACK FEDORA-A BOOK OF VILLAINS- This is just what it says it is, an anthology dedicated to stories about the bad guys we love to hate. These stories will focus on original villains and of course the heroes they face, these tales similar in style to the FU MANCHU stories of the past. But this isn't only for yellow perils!! Any type of villain that populates pulp is welcome to try on THE BLACK FEDORA! VOLUME ONE OF THIS ANTHOLOGY IS CLOSED PENDING ACCEPTED STORIES BEING TURNED IN, ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS FOR VOLUME TWO

NEWSHOUNDS! - Dogged reporters, crusty editors, copyboys and cub photographers with dreams of grandeur, Pressmen who know the city lives and breathes by what they print! One of the most fertile grounds for action packed pulp has always been the newspaper office. And all those wonderful character types and more all work for The Partisan, a 1950s paper partial to the common man, to righting the wrongs done against the innocent and the weak! And this gaggle of hard bitten, hard fighitng men and women are known near and far to those who love them and those who wish to see them dead! Do No Wrong in Their City unless you want it covered by the Newshounds! 3 Stories, 10,000 word stories) If Interested, request Bible.  THREE SLOTS STILL OPEN

THE ADVENTURES OF MOOSE AND SKWIRL, TROUBLETAKERS- Trouble happens everywhere in the universe. Any time. Any place. And to make sure whatever cockeyed balance there is is kept, the universe takes care of itself, assigning special individuals to the unpredictable, unrewarding, and usually life threatening task of just being in the completely wrong places at the totally right times to hopefully keep everyone...or most everyone from dying. But the universe doesn't trust just one person to do this, no it works in groups of two. Moose-Stocky, barrel chested, two fisted, sarcastic, and ready to deliver a soliloquy over the bodies of whoever stands in his way... And Skwirl-Seductive, sexy, and with a sense of humor that could kill....literally. These two 'Trouble Takers' travel space and time very much at random, figuring out whatever issue they are thrown into and then fixing it. In their own unique, usually very destructive, bloody way. Three stories, 10,000 word stories ( If interested, request short bible for this one). TWO STORIES APPROVED, ONE SLOT REMAININGTHE 

NINTH CIRCLE-VOLUME ONE, This collection centers around a crime ridden precinct and borough in a city that shuffles its misbegotten and forgotten to THE NINTH CIRCLE. Three Slots-10,000 word stories (If interested, request short bible for this one) TWO SLOTS OPEN, 12,500 WORD STORIES

HIGH ADVENTURE HISTORY-Ever wanted a chance to write a masked man enforcing justice in ancient Egypt? Or a larger than life genius and his team of heroes righting wrongs in renaissance Italy? Or mad scientists terrorizing the Arizona desert towns of the Old West? Then here's your chance! HIGH ADVENTURE HISTORY will include stories of traditional pulp concepts and tropes plopped into our very own past, pre 1900! Take your favorite pulp stereotype and wrap it up in ancient or not so ancient places and people and join us in HIGH ADVENTURE HISTORY! Three stories, 10,000 word stories- TWO SLOTS OPEN

THE SHAMUS DIRECTIVE is a project actually founded in historical context. Just prior to and all during World War Two, The United States government via the FBI as well as members of the Armed Forces, developed dossiers on all licensed Private Investigators in the country. A list was then comprised of the ones deemed appropriate and 'good' and they were then considered to be 'cleared' to be used in espionage missions, mostly on the homefront, or missions that regular forces just could not deal with for various reasons. THE SHAMUS DIRECTIVE poses the theory that not only was this list compiled, but the people on it were truly the world's greatest detectives and they were formed into sort of a team to handle major issues in conjunction, even maybe saving major parcels of land and people in the process. Six stories , 10,000 word stories (If interested, request short bible for this one) TWO SLOTS OPEN 

If you're a writer or artist and are interested in these anthologies or have questions, email Editor in Chief Tommy Hancock at proseproductions@earthlink.net! And check out Pro Se at www.prosepulp.com and www.pulpmachine.blogspot.com.

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APRIL 26-28TH, 2013


Pulp Ark 2013, the Official New Pulp Creators' Conference/Convention in its third year announced today its Three Guests of Honor for the Third year of the convention to be held in Springdale, AR.

"Pulp," Tommy Hancock, Pulp Ark Organizer and Partner in Pro Se Productions, the company sponsoring Pulp Ark, "is a marvelous, massively diverse field...a style that has transcended its origins in the early 20th Century in cheaply printed magazines and found its way into every medium available to modern fans.  Classic characters and stories are finding new life with readers and enthusiasts today and new tales centered around original characters are exploding onto the scene as well.  This year, Pulp Ark 2013 will celebrate the variety that is Pulp in many ways.   Our Three Guests of Honor most definitely reflect both the differences and the common denominators in Pulp, both classic and new, both originals of today and inspirations of yesteryear.   I am extremely proud to announce that Joe Devito, Martin Powell, and Paul Bishop will be the Guests of Honor for Pulp Ark 2013 this year!"

Martin Powell has been a professional writer since 1986. He received early critical praise with the Eisner Award nominated Sherlock Holmes/Count Dracula graphic novel, Scarlet in Gaslight, which has remained in print for more than twenty-five years.

Powell has since written hundreds of stories in numerous genres, including mystery, science fiction, horror, and humor, and has been published by Disney, Marvel, DC, Moonstone, Wild Cat Books, and Sequential Pulp/Dark Horse Comics, among others, working with such popular characters as Superman, Batman, Tarzan, Lee Falk’s The Phantom, Frankenstein, The Spider, Kolchak the Night Stalker, The Avenger, and more.

He also a prolific author of many acclaimed children’s books, and is the creator of The Halloween Legion. His The Tall Tale of Paul Bunyan won the coveted Moonbeam Children’s Book Award for Best Graphic Novel of 2010.

Martin lives in Saint Paul, MN.

Joe DeVito was born on March 16, 1957 in New York City. He graduated with honors from Parsons School of Design in 1981 and studied at the Art Students League in New York City.

Over the years DeVito has painted many of the most recognizable Pop Culture and Pulp icons, including King Kong, Tarzan, Doc Savage, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Spiderman, MAD magazine’s Alfred E. Newman and various characters in World of Warcraft, with a decided emphasis in his illustration on dinosaurs, Action Adventure, SF and Fantasy. He has illustrated hundreds of book and magazine covers, painted several notable posters and numerous trading cards for the major comic book and gaming houses, and created concept and character design for the film and television industries.

In 3D, DeVito sculpted the official 100th Anniversary statue of Tarzan of the Apes for the Edgar Rice Burroughs Estate, The Cooper Kong for the Merian C. Cooper Estate, Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman for Chronicle Book’s Masterpiece Editions, several other notable Pop and Pulp characters. Additional sculpting work ranges from scientifically accurate dinosaurs, a multitude of collectibles for the Bradford Exchange in a variety of genres, to larger-than-life statues and the award trophy for the influential art annual SPECTRUM.

An avid writer, Joe is also the co-author (with Brad Strickland) of two novels, which he illustrated as well. The first, KONG: King of Skull Island (DH Press) was published in  2004. The second book, Merian C. Cooper’s KING KONG, was published by St. Martin’s Griffin, in 2005. He has also contributed many essays and articles to such collected works as Kong Unbound: The Cultural Impact, Pop Mythos, and Scientific Plausibility of a Cinematic Legend and Do Androids Artists Paint In Oils When They Dream? in Pixel or Paint: The Digital Divide In Illustration Art.

2012 saw the release of Kindle and iBook versions of KONG: King of Skull Island that were accompanied by Part 1 of a cutting edge app version of the book. With the property in full development as a motion picture, other plans include the release of Part 2 of the interactive Kong book app, the beginning of a KONG: King of Skull Island YA series and Kong collectibles for the Cooper Estate.

Presently DeVito is painting covers for The All New Wild Adventures of Doc Savage (written by Will Murray), while also finishing the screenplay and developing imagery for his newest creation, a faction world of truly epic proportions tentatively titled The Primordials.

FB: Joe DeVito-DeVito Artworks

Paul Bishop is a thirty-five year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department whose career included a three year tour as an interrogator with his department's Anti-Terrorist Division and over twenty-five years’ experience in the investigation of sex crimes. For the past eight years, his various Special Assaults Units have consistently produced the highest number of detective initiated arrests and highest crime clearance rate in the city. Twice honored as Detective of the Year, Paul also received the Quality and Productivity Commission Award from the City of Los Angeles.

As a nationally recognized interrogator, Paul co-starred with his professional partner, bestselling author and prosecutor, Mary Hanlon Stone, as the regular interrogators and driving force behind the ABC reality show Take The Money And Run from producer Jerry Bruckheimer.  Based on his expertise in the area of deception detection, Paul continues to work privately conducting interview and interrogation seminars for law enforcement agencies, military entities, and human resource organizations.
Paul has had twelve novels published, including Hot PursuitDeep WaterPenalty ShotSuspicious Minds, the short story collection Running Wylde, and five novels in his L.A.P.D. Detective Fey Croaker series – Croaker: Kill Me AgainCroaker: Grave SinsCroaker: Tequila MockingbirdCroaker: Chalk Whispers, and Croaker: Pattern of Behavior.  All his novels have recently been released in e-book format. 

Paul has also written feature film scripts and numerous episodic scripts for television, including such shows as Diagnosis: MurderLA DragnetThe New Detectives, and Navy Seals: The Untold Stories

Paul is currently writing and editing the monthly Fight Card series, 25,000 word e-novels, designed to be read in one or two sittings, inspired by the fight pulps of the '30s and '40s – such as Fight Stories Magazine – and Robert E. Howard’s two-fisted boxing tales featuring Sailor Steve Costigan.  His latest entry, Fight Card: Swamp Walloper (written as Jack Tunney) will premiere at the 2013 Pulp Ark convention.   He can be found blogging at www.bishsbeat.blogspot.com  and followed via twitter@bishsbeat.  A full list of his novels  is available at http://tinyurl.com/7x8xo5k

"These three," Hancock stated, "represent a huge variety within Pulp today, but they all also show the commonalities of what Pulp is.  And as far as mediums, everything from books to comics to television to sculpture to painting and more is represented by these fantastic Guests.   It's a privilege for Pulp Ark to have them as its centerpiece in 2013."

Pulp Ark is a Writer's Conference/Convention focused on 'Pulp' fiction.  Although defined narrowly by many, Pulp Ark promotes Pulp Fiction as multi genre multi medium storytelling that typically involves action, adventure, larger than life heroes and villains, and a strong focus on both plot and characterization.  "Pulp," Hancock said, "began as a medium in which many great writers told a lot of wonderful stories and readers could pick 'em up a 100 or more pages at a time for a dime.  Although it's no longer that necessarily, the sensibilities of Pulp storytelling, the style, the methodology, all the stuff fans have remembered and enjoyed for over 80 years about those kinds of tales, all of that is still around and available from all sorts of authors, artists, performers and companies.  That is what Pulp Ark is all about."

Pulp Ark 2013 will be held in Springdale, Arkansas April 26-28, 2013 at the Holiday Inn Springdale Hotel and Convention Center in Springdale, Arkansas, 1500 South 48th Street, phone number- 1-479-751-8300.  For a peek at the venue, click HERE!

SPECIAL PRICES UNTIL JANUARY 1ST, 2013!  Any and all who plan to attend Pulp Ark 2013 and want to get the Discounted Room Rate MUST reserve a room or rooms by January 1st, 2013 to take advantage of the Special Pulp Ark rate of $84.00 a night.  To reserver your room online, please click HERE!  

PULP ARK 2013-Springdale, Arkansas!  For further information, go to www.prosepulp.com or contact Hancock at 870-834-4022 and/or proseproductions@earthlink.net.  Expect more Pulp Ark Announcements VERY SOON!

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Pro Se, a growing Publisher specializing in Heroic Fiction, New Pulp, and tales covering multiple genres, announced an open call today for a new series of books from Pro Se that mark the collaboration between the New Pulp Publisher and a classic Pulp Author!

Charles Boeckman, a 91 year old author/world traveler/jazz musician recently self published SUSPENSE, SUSPICION, & SHOCKERS.  This collection of 24 stories was written by Boeckman, many of them under the name Charles Beckman,  Jr. and were printed in Pulps such as Dime Detective, Detective Tales, Dime Mystery, and others as well as in digest mystery magazines such as Manhunt and Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine.  With a career ranging from the 40s into the modern era in fiction, much of it crime and mystery related, Boeckman is truly one of the last remaining true Pulp Authors today and has crafted characters that, although they only appeared once originally, have potential for further adventures, a potential Pro Se Productions plans to tap.

"This book," Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief and Partner in Pro Se, states, "is truly a fantastic read.  Mr. Boeckman's words sing with the huskiness and weight of a torch singer and the stories deliver blows like gunshots from all sides.   He breathes life into every character, every locale, and every situation these hard luck heroes find themselves in.  And one of the great things about his stories is, although there are definitely heroes between the beginning and end, they're not cast in bronze or refined from gold.   These are bruised, battered, often broken souls who have talents for music, in a lot of cases, or mystery and are almost as talented in getting themselves in trouble that most people would have to die to get out of."

"After reading his book," Hancock continues, "I contacted Mr. Boeckman and, following drowning him in compliments and fanboy like sentiments, I identified several characters that I felt like could have life in new stories and would appeal to a modern audience, both for nostalgic reasons as well as the fact that these characters, even the ones written back in the 1940s, were definitely written with a sensibility that makes them viable to modern readers.  I requested the permission to put together anthologies and books based around these characters in a series of digests that sport Mr. Boeckman's name and he agreed to that."

Pro Se will begin publishing the CHARLES BOECKMAN PRESENTS line of digest sized anthologies and novellas featuring characters originally created and featured in stories written by Boeckman.  Although each individual digest may focus on a different theme or character, they will all appear under the CBP banner, and will feature new stories based on Boeckman's work.

Charles Boeckman
"This is an open call," Hancock states, "to any and all writers who might be interested in trying their hand at Mr. Boeckman's characters.  The first step in this process will be for interested writers to look over the brief descriptions of the characters provided and email proseproductions@earthlink.net with any and all they may be interested in.  Based on that interest, story bibles and other information will be sent to interested authors who will then be required to draft a proposal for a story, length being minimum 8,000 words to a full novella length of 30,000.  The proposal must be no more than a page long and, if the writer has never submitted to Pro Se before, a writing sample of at least 3 pages of narrative must be supplied as well. One thing to note, also.  Although these characters were originally created by Mr. Boeckman and  Pro Se will be insuring that they remain true to the source material, we are not wanting any writer to ape or copy Mr. Boeckman's style.  We will be great stewards of these classic ideas as well as the skills and styles of the modern writers pouring life into them."

Charles Boeckman
Detective Mercer Basous from 'The G-String Corpse'- A homely 1970s New Orleans Detective who knows three things very well- New Orleans, the people that make it up, and how to do his job.

Big Lip from 'The Last Trumpet'-A piano player on1950s Broadway who solved the murder of his great friend and one of the greatest horn players the world has ever known who moves onto further tales and adventures in a band in a world without The Earl.

Buddy Gardner and Frank Judson from 'Blind Date'- Frank, a mid 1960s small town reporter, and Buddy, a deputy in the small town with detective skills to spare, find new stories and cases to follow and crack in Kingsbury after their initial tale, where Frank finds a dead woman in his trunk that all evidence said he had an affair with, then murdered, but he'd never met her before.

Lt. Mike O'Shean and Lil Brown of the Daily Herald from "I'll Make The Arrest"-Mike O'Shean, a passionate two fisted cop  of the early 1950s who sinks his teeth into a case and won't let go, even if it kills him, and Lil Brown, the reporter who knows her job and city better than anyone...and knows O'Shean better than that.   These two are at the beginning of what may be a beautiful relationship if crime and corruption don't get in the way!

Doc and Sally from 'A Hot Lick for Doc'-Fresh in 1950s LA from their debut tale, Doc, a washed up clarinet player who found his music again following being involved and solving a murder, and Sally, the recovering heroin addict who accompanied him, would be ready to write new tunes and chop a new life out of whatever life and LA throws at them.

Johnny Nickle from 'Run, Cat, Run'-A trumpet player who's claim to fame was having played on a supposedly haunted Jazz Classic that led to him being on the run from a curse and a murderer for years, Johnny Nickle is now back on top in the early 1950s blowing his horn and finding trouble almost everywhere he finds a stage to stand on.

The stories will be set in the periods mentioned for each of the characters.  If a writer wishes to go beyond that period, then that must be clearly mentioned in the proposal.

Deadline for initial proposal submissions is November 1st, 2012.  

Other characters from Mr. Boeckman's many stories may be added to the available list to write from at a later date, Hancock points out, but these are currently the only characters discussed thus far.

"This," Hancock says, "is not only a great opportunity for Pro Se, but it is truly an honor to have not only made the acquaintance of such a great writer and part of Pulp history as Mr. Boeckman, but to have the privilege of giving new life to these classic friends of his, there's no real words for that except We intend to make him proud."  

For more information on Pro Se Productions, go to www.prosepulp.com.  To get a copy of SUSPENSE, SUSPICIONS, AND SHOCKERS go to http://www.amazon.com/Suspense-Suspicion-Shockers-Charles-Boeckman/dp/1479238732/ref=sr_1_6?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1350269187&sr=1-6.




APRIL 26-28TH, 2013


Pro Se Productions, a leading publisher of Heroic and Action/Adventure Fiction as well as the Founder and organizer of Pulp Ark, a writer's conference/convention that began in Batesville, AR in 2011 announces today the dates for the third annual event, PULP ARK 2013 as well as a change of venue.

Pulp Ark is a Writer's Conference/Convention focused on 'Pulp' fiction.  Although defined narrowly by many, Pulp Ark promotes Pulp Fiction as multi genre multi medium storytelling that typically involves action, adventure, larger than life heroes and villains, and a strong focus on both plot and characterization.  "Pulp," Hancock said, "began as a medium in which many great writers told a lot of wonderful stories and readers could pick 'em up a 100 or more pages at a time for a dime.  Although it's no longer that necessarily, the sensibilities of Pulp storytelling, the style, the methodology, all the stuff fans have remembered and enjoyed for over 80 years about those kinds of tales, all of that is still around and available from all sorts of authors, artists, performers and companies.  That is what Pulp Ark is all about."

"Pulp Ark 2013," stated Tommy Hancock, Pulp Ark Organizer, "will take place in a new facility and a new town, but remains in Arkansas!  Batesville, Arkansas (the site of the first two Pulp Ark conventions) has been nothing but a positive experience for Pulp Ark and the success we've had there, particularly in 2012, is one of the myriad reasons we decided to make a move.  Pulp Ark 2012 cemented for us the fact that not only would we have faithful vendors and guests willing to return for another go around or two, but that we also had a concept that appealed to fans of all ages and genres and mediums.  With that, the decision was either to grow or not.   Part of the decision to grow was whether or not to stay in Batesville.  Several factors, most notably partnering with an excellent facility that truly will take Pulp Ark to another level, led us to decide that the home of Pulp Ark 2013 would be Springdale, Arkansas."

Springdale is in Washington County located in Northwest Arkansas.  Considered part of the Fayetteville Metropolitan Area, Springdale is one town of several that are considered a piece of one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the country.  With over 500,000 residents in and near Springdale, Pro Se believes that not only will this increase fan attendance and interest in the Writer's Conference/Convention that blends every genre and medium possible together, but will also attract both the loyal guests and vendors from the first two years of Pulp Ark as well as a whole host of new participants on that side of the table.

"Pulp Ark is a wonderfully unique creature in a lot of ways," Hancock stated.  "We definitely enjoy having that small town, almost family type feel for what we do, but we also have a truly kaleidoscopic reach with all the genres and creators that fall into our umbrella.  Prose, comics, audio, cosplay, even music, all of that and more contributes to what Pulp is.  Classic, new, and even Pulp yet to come all has a home at our convention and it was time to move Pulp Ark to a place where it...and all its wonderful supporters...could truly spread their wings."

Pulp Ark 2013 will be held in Springdale, Arkansas April 26-28, 2013 at the Holiday Inn Springdale Hotel and Convention Center in Springdale, Arkansas, 1500 South 48th Street, phone number- 1-479-751-8300.  For a peek at the venue, click HERE!

SPECIAL PRICES UNTIL JANUARY 1ST, 2013!  Any and all who plan to attend Pulp Ark 2013 and want to get the Discounted Room Rate MUST reserve a room or rooms by January 1st, 2013 to take advantage of the Special Pulp Ark rate of $84.00 a night.  To reserver your room online, please click HERE!  

PULP ARK 2013-Springdale, Arkansas!  For further information, go to www.prosepulp.com or contact Hancock at 870-834-4022 and/or proseproductions@earthlink.net.  Expect more Pulp Ark Announcements VERY SOON!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pro Se Promo Party ONLINE!

Pro Se Productions, a publishing company known for adventure, action, crime, fantasy, super heroes, New Pulp, and original stories featuring Classic characters, announces the beginning of a partnership with a new internet platform that will bring a brand new experience to Pro Se Fans, literally bringing a convention like activity into the homes of anyone wanting to find out more about Pro Se.  

On Saturday, October 13th from 1 PM CST to 7 PM CST, Pro Se Productions will be hosting an online Promotional Party spotlighting the entire company.  This event is being done in conjunction with www.shindig.com, a platform designed to host small, medium, and even massive book tours, promotional events, Q & As, or in this case, a gala event focusing on one of the up and coming Publishers of cutting Edge New Pulp fiction today.  Writers, artists, and creators associated with Pro Se will be providing readings, panels, and one on one question and answer sessions online while participants can wander in and out, just like an actual convention, and enjoy the events as they take place.   Also, fans who attend the event at any point in the day can actually enter into private chats with up to four other people and set up their own 'rooms' while also participating in the reading/panel/etc. that is taking place.  This allows for hundreds and hundreds of participants to be available.

"This is the ultimate con experience in a sense," Tommy Hancock, Partner in and EIC of Pro Se Productions stated, "taken and turned into an all Pro Se event.  People can attend panels, go to readings, meet authors and creators, and do it right in front of their computer.  Pro Se is definitely excited about this opportunity, not only because its a neat thing to be able to do, but also because it's a platform that allows us to reach out not just to our own little conclave of fans who frequent our site, see us at Conventions, and/or buy our books.  This is an opportunity to open the doors of Pro Se up to any and all who have ever read a thriller and enjoyed it, who have ventured into Space and wanted more, who sneered with the villain and celebrated with the hero of some great story. Pro Se has all that and more to offer readers today, and although there's stories of every genre under our banner, they all have something in common.  They are pure escapist over the top fun.  And now, thanks to Shindig, Pro Se's 'Puttin' The New In Pulp' Promotional Party is a chance for readers of all type to see what we do, meet our creators, hear some great stories, get great one day deals on Pro Se books, and even pick up some giveaways!"

Attending the 'Pro Se- Puttin' The New in Pulp' is free for anyone who wants to attend.    Interact with creators, hear readings, participate in panels, take part in contests and simply learn about one of the brightest stars in modern Pulp and adventure publishing. Both established Pro Se Authors as well as new authors will be present.  Past and current releases will be focused on, but there will also be much discussion on books and events to come from Pro Se.  Come in for your favorite author or a panel subject that interests you, leave when you're done, then come back whenever you want to.  Anyone interested in attending can RSVP at www.shindig.com/event/prose.   This is the sign in site for the event and will also be where times for panels, readings, and Q & As will be posted as a schedule becomes available.   

Pro Se also announces today that this event is only the first.  Pro Se will be providing opportunities for readings, panels, and creator meet and greets as well as online launch parties for Pro Se staff and material in the future.  "Expect," stated Hancock, "that an event, anywhere from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours, from Pro Se will happen every two weeks at a minimum, even more than that possibly with the fantastic books and such we have on the horizon."

Saturday, October 13, 1 PM - 7 PM CST  Pro Se Productions - 'Puttin' the New in Pulp' Promotional hosted by shindig.com.  RSVP and find out more at www.shindig.com/event/prose  or by emailing Hancock at proseproductions@earthlink.net!  And expect updates on this fantastic event in the coming days!

Schedule for Pro Se Promotional Party- Puttin’ The New in Pulp
TIMES ARE CENTRAL STANDARD-Please Adjust for your Time Zone
1:00-1:30- Pro Se- Puttin’ The New In Pulp-Introduction to Pro Se by Tommy Hancock, EIC and Partner of PRO SE
1:30-2:00-Pro Se Presents-THE MAGAZINE THAT PUT THE MONTHLY BACK INTO PULP-Moderated by Tommy Hancock and featuring various
2:00-2:30- Reese Unlimited –Featuring the Works of Barry Reese
2:30-3:15-Sovereign City Project with Tommy Hancock, Derrick Ferguson, Barry Reese
3:15-3:30-Hansen’s Way- Featuring the Works of Nancy Hansen
3:30-4:00- Hugh Monn-Featuring Lee Houston, Jr.
4:00-4:30- The Black Centipede featuring Chuck Miller
4:30-5:00-The Silver Manticore Strikes- With PJ Lozito
5:00-6:00-Pulp Obscura-Classic Characters, New Stories-Featuring Various Writers and Creators
6:00-7:00 WHAT’S COMING SOON FROM PRO SE-Featuring Various Writers and Creators

For further information, contact Tommy Hancock at proseproductions@earthlink.net or at 870-834-4022.