Wednesday, April 24, 2013


4:00-5:00 PM-
            PULP CULTURE-WHAT IS IT?Tommy Hancock, Ethan Nahte, Bob Kennedy, M. KeatonA look at how Pulp Fiction has ingratiated itself into all forms of entertainment and society.
            THE PULP-COMIC CONNECTION- Martin Powell, Keith Wilson, Terrence Thielen, Carlin Stuart -How Pulps influenced Comics historically and the connection between the two today!
            MYTHOLOGY AND RELIGION IN FICTION- Bonnie Sterling, Lisa M. Collins, EG Glover, Alex Brown, Eric Beebe- How beliefs of certain Cultures, both present and past, influence Fiction Writing Today. Including Angels, Pantheons, and more!
5:00-6:00 PM-
            KID PULP-Young Adult Genre Fiction!John Hornor Jacobs, JL Mulvihill, Allan GilbreathWhy Genre Fiction Appeals to Younger Readers!
            GAMING AND PULPDOM- Brandon Olmstead, Morgan Minor, Wayne CampWhat connection does Gaming of any and all types have with Pulp Fiction? Learn about projects, both past and present, that tie the world of Gaming into Pulp!
            ROMANCE ADVENTURE -HOW TO BALANCE THE ACTION-Desiree Finkbeiner, Leia Durham, Georgia Jones, Lisa Collins, Bonnie Sterling- Romance is as popular as ever, especially mixed genre tales!  Find out how authors write an Adventure Romance and strike the right balance between Love and Explosions!
6:00 PM-CONVENTION CENTER-PULP GAME TABLETOP DEBUT-From Pro Se Productions and lost gamers productions comes the debut of YESTERYEAR, a Pulp/Superhero Table Top RPG based on the novel by Tommy Hancock!
6:00-7:00 PM-
             TRIVIA SMACKDOWN #1-Tommy Hancock, Aubrey Stephens, Danny Chamberlin- Think You Know Pop Culture Trivia ?  Then take on the PULP ARK TRIVIA TRIO and find out!  Put together a three man team and go after our Self Appointed Experts on Pulp, Science Fiction, Comic books, and More in a full blown hour long smackdown or a lightning round!  Think You’re the Trivia Genius?  Come find out!
            SO YOU WANNA COSPLAY?-How to Choose Your Character- Desiree Finkbeiner, John Atkins, Mark VarnadoreTips fromCosplayers for choosing just the right character for Cosplay!
             CRIME FICTION, THEN AND NOW- Paul Bishop, Gary Phillips, Steven Bradshaw-Leading Crime Writers on Crime Fiction in the Pulp Era and Today             
7:00 PM-
8:00-9:00 PM-
            ‘BRAIN HACKING’ with DESIREE FINKBEINER-  Learn about Neuro Linguistic Programming, more powerful than hypnosis, to bypass the conscious mind, going directly to the subconscious mind for better results. Audience member participation makes this panel exciting and informative!
            COMPANY PANEL-LOST GAMERS PRODUCTIONS-Learn all about the up and coming leader in developing Table Tops, LARPs, and more!
            SPICY, THEN AND NOW- Paul Bishop, Kimberly Richardson, Art Sippo, Bill Olver-Sex is nothing new to Fiction, but find out its history from Pulp Fiction and before to how it’s portrayed now!
9:00-?? –CONVENTION CENTER-PULP METAL EXPLOSION with ORDER OF TYR-Video Game Metal Band and Pulp Ark Favorite Order of Tyr returns to blow the roof off of Springdale!
9:00-10:00 PM
            TOP OF YOUR HEAD THEATER- Allan Gilbreath, Aubrey Stevens, Stephen Guenther, Tanya Vandesteeg, Alex Brown, EG Glover, Leia Durham, Tommy Hancock, Paul Bishop-Take a Classic Old Time Radio Script and Give it To Modern Creators of Fiction with no time to practice and let madness ensue! Trust us, it will…
                   GORE AND MORE-Brad Carter, Tracy S. Morris, John Hornor Jacobs, Alexander Brown- Horror Fiction Today-Why is Gore and Violence so Popular? Where Horror Fiction is and Where it’s Going?   
10:00-11:00 PM
             CHARACTER CHAOS- JL Mulvihill, Georgia Jones, Greg Norgaard, Tommy B. Smith, Big Daddy Johnny Dellarocca, Bill Olver, M. Keaton- Give a bunch of Writers random characters to spin a story around for an audience and what will you get?  Read the title of this Panel again and join us for the insanity!
                REAL LIFE IN YOUR FICTION- Tommy Hancock, Selina Rosen, Kimberly Richardson,  Joseph LamereWhat of your Triumphs, Tragedies, and Experiences end up in the Fiction Authors write?  Listen as these leading authors talk about how much of themselves they put into their work!
11:45 PM-???-
            DEBATE OF THE DEAD SERIAL EDITION- It’s September of 1945, and our country is in a state of celebration. It’s been just over a month since the bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and the World War II is officially over.  Unfortunately, a new threat looms on the horizon….Join in a live action Zombie Role Play like no other! 
                 24 HOUR GAMING CONTINUES
9:00-10:00 AM-
            PUBLISHER PANEL-BIG PULP-Cutting Edge Publisher Bill Olver Shares What Big Pulp is, What It’s Done, and What’s To Come!
            WESTERNS-OLD OR WILD?- Greg Norgaard, Paul Bishop, Aubrey Stevens, Terry Alexander, Bob Kennedy-Is Western Literature a Thing of The Past or Still Full of Stories to Tell? Hear what these Authors and Fans have To say about it!
             MAGIC IN PULP FICTION-Big Daddy Johnny Dellarocca, Phillip Drayer Duncan, JL Mulvihill-Magicians, Wizards, and More Populate Pulp Fiction, Past and Present!  Learn why Magic is Popular and All the Ways it Finds its way into Fiction!
10:00-11:00 AM-
            PUBLISHER PANEL- RAINSTORM PRESS- A Fan of Dark Fiction? Then Find Out what One of the vanguard companies in the field has in store!
            ROBERT E. HOWARD-Ethan Nahte- The Creator Of Conan and more, Robert E. Howard impacted the entire world through his Pulp Fiction!  Learn about the Man, the Myth, the Stories, and More, including the preview of a documentary on Howard!
            ETHNIC PULP!-Gary Phillips, Tommy Hancock, Kimberly Richardson, Penelope Flynn-Black Pulp!  Asian Pulp! Italian Pulp! And More! Listen to Top Authors who discuss Ethnicity in Pulp, its distasteful past and its bright future!
11:00 AM-12:00 PM-
            PUBLISHER PANEL- MONSTERVERSE ENTERTAINMENT-The Publishers of the comic hit TALES OF BELA LUGOSI talk about their company and more!
            TRIVIA SMACKDOWN #2-Stevens, Hancock, and Chamberlin
            THE SCIENCE OF CRIME FICTION-Steven Bradshaw, Paul Bishop, Bob Kennedy- Learn the ins and outs of investigation, forensics, and interrogation techniques from modern Crime Authors and Experts in the field of Real Crime!                       
            WANT TO GET PUBLISHED?- Allan Gilbreath, Duke Pennell, Lynn Stranathan, Eric Beebe- Four Publishers Line Up to Tell You What They Look For in Submissions!
12:00 PM–1:00  PM-
             PUBLISHER PANEL-VAN PELT PRESS- Epic Fantasy Publishers of the Fear and Trust Series Share Their Stories with You!
            GUEST OF HONOR-MARTIN POWELL- Join Martin as He talks about a great career in writing Comics, Adaptations of Fairy Tales, Licensed Characters of all Sorts, and Announces exciting Future Projects!
1:00 PM-2:00 PM –
            PUBLISHER PANEL- POST MORTEM PRESS-A Leader in Horror and Speculative Fiction, PMP stands out as a shining example of what a Great Publisher can do!
            ZOMBIES, REALLY?-  John Hornor Jacobs, Terry Alexander, Brandon Olmstead, Selina RosenZombies reign in Popular Culture…but Why? Find out from Authors and Creators familiar with the Undead why We love Zombies so much!
            DAYS OF OLD TODAY- THE SOCIETY OF CREATIVE ANACHRONISM- Aubrey Stephens, David Backlin, et al.  Knights Live!  Kings Rule!  Learn about the history of the Society of Creative Anachronism and how you too can live in the glorious medieval past today!
2:00 PM-CONVENTION CENTER- PULP LIVE ACTION ROLE PLAY GAME DEBUTS- From Pro Se Productions and lost gamers productions comes the debut of YESTERYEAR, a Pulp/Superhero LARP RPG based on the novel by Tommy Hancock! Be a Hero or Villain and find out the secrets of YESTERYEAR!
2:00 PM- 3:00 PM–
            PUBLISHER PANEL- PRO SE PRODUCTIONS- A founder of the New Pulp Movement, Pro Se Productions continues to redefine Genre Fiction each and every month!  Come find out how!
            FROM FANS TO PROS- Kat Stephens, Aubrey Stevens, Tracy S. Morris, David WhiteCreators and Authors today are the fans of yesterday! Listen and learn how to take what you’re passionate about and become a part of it!
            CREATIVE COSPLAY-Designing and Building Your Own Costumes- John Atkins, Mark Varnadore, JL Mulvihill, et al.-Learn how-to and the do’s and don’ts of designing your costume for cosplay!  What to make, what to buy, and more!
3:00 PM -4:00 PM –
            PUBLISHER PANEL- FIGHT CARD- The company that basically reinvented and reinvigorated Boxing Fiction! 
            DIESELPUNK SHOWDOWN!- Tommy Hancock Versus Big Daddy Johnny DellaroccaDieselpunk-New Genre or Catchphrase? Enter the ring with Big Daddy and Tommy Hancock as they duke it out over just what Dieselpunk is…or isn’t!
            FANTASY CRAFTSMEN- Tom Maringer, Robert K., Christine Yoder, Leia Durham, Kimberly PennellFantasy and Pulp Culture live not only in Fiction, but in Artwork, Statues, Glasswork, coins and more!  Learn about the process and the influences on some of today’s brightest best craftsmen in art, coin making, glasswork, sculpture, and design!
4:00 PM -5:00 PM –
            COMPANY  PANEL-G3 GAMING-Video Games Rule and G3 Gaming Bring the Best of Classic and Modern Gaming to Conventions Across the South!  Find out who they are and why they do what they do!
            KNIGHTS, DRAGONS, HOBBITS-OH MY! FANTASY FICTION- EG Glover, Ethan Nahte, JL Mulvihill-One of the most popular genres today, Fantasy Fiction continues to grow and change!  Find out from Creators today where it came from and where it may be going!
            WHY I LOVE COMICS-Carlin Stuart, Martin Powell, Gary Phillips, Keith Wilson, Terry Thielen-Creators and Professionals share what they love about the Comic Medium and what they feel Comics today need!
5:00 PM -6:00 PM-
            PUBLISHER PANEL- PEN-L PUBLISHING-Offering a variety running from Western to Science Fiction and more, Pen-L Publishing will share what it looks for in fiction and what it brings to its readers!
            GUEST OF HONOR PANEL-PAUL BISHOP-A 33 year veteran of the LAPD and one of the world’s leading interrogators, Paul Bishop is also a leading crime novelist as well as Pulp enthusiast and co publisher of FIGHT CARD! Learn about all this and more from one of Pulp Ark’s Guests of Honor!
            SHORT STORY VERSUS NOVEL-Selina Rosen, Allan Gilbreath, Duke Pennell, Tommy B. Smith-Writers and Publishers discuss and debate which form is better for fiction- short or long- and why and why not!
            CONFERENCE CENTER- CABARET SHOW!- Join Big Daddy and the Swing Kittens for a Night of Music, Magic, and Daring Do!  Free to all Pulp Ark Pass Holders!
8:00 PM- CONFERENCE CENTER- COSPLAY PARADE- Cosplayers, Bring your best character to PULP ARK and sign up for the Costume Contest.  Simply register and then join in the Parade of all the Participants throughout the Convention!
8:00 PM- 9:00 PM-
            PUBLISHER PANEL- DARK OAK PRESS/KERLAK- A Publisher Afraid of Nothing and Taking their Readers on Wild Rides in all Genres! Find out just how far Dark Oak/Kerlak plans to carry Fiction!
            TEN WORDS-Tommy Hancock, Selina Rosen, Alexander Brown, Georgia Jones, M. Keaton, Robert K, JL Mulvihill, Gary Phillips, Phillip Drayer Duncan - Give Ten Words to Wordsmiths.  Words they have to use in sentences.  Sentences that have to tie into everyone else’s sentences to make a story.  This could…and will likely…go anywhere!
9:00 PM- CONFERENCE CENTER- COSTUME CONTEST-The Best Costumes of the Convention will be chosen! Join the Participants as Judges decide the Best Cosplay of Pulp Ark!           
9:00 PM -10:00 PM-
            COMPANY PANEL- EXPEDITION UNKNOWN- Ghosts and Supernatural Events fascinate us all! Find out how Expedition Unknown investigates the paranormal and why!
            TRIVIA SMACKDOWN #3- Hancock, Chamberlin, and Stevens
10:00 PM -11:00 PM-
            PUBLISHER PANEL-YARD DOG PRESS- Innovative and boundary pushing, Yard Dog Press has talent of all types slapping words to the page in every genre imaginable!  Enjoy an hour with one of the best Publishers around!
            PULP: THE DRINKING GAME- Allan Gilbreath, Tommy Hancock, John Hornor Jacobs,  Brad Carter, Ethan Nahte,  JL Mulvihill, Alex Brown, Kimberly Richardson-Alcohol and Fiction have a long history, particularly in Pulp Fiction.  Come learn all about how spirits infect Pulp and see just how long the Panel stays sober!
            EXPEDITION UNKNOWN HOTEL INVESTIGATION!- Follow the Intrepid Investigators of All Things Paranormal as they seek to find Spirits, Orbs, and More in the Very Hotel hosting PULP ARK!
                 24 HOUR GAMING CONTINUES
9:00-10:00 AM-
            COMPANY PANEL-STEVEN AND CHRISTINE YODER-Two of the best artists and experts in Fantasy Crafts and Conventions Spend An Hour With You talking about their Creations and Telling their Stories!
            BUILDING A MYSTERY-Paul Bishop, Gary Phillips, Steven Bradshaw, Darren Lamere, Tracy S. Morris-Top Writers in the field share do’s and don’ts in writing mystery fiction!         
            CLASSIC CHARACTERS, TODAY’S WRITERS-Martin Powell, Art Sippo,  Terry Alexander-A major part of Pulp Fiction today is breathing new life into Classic Characters from Fiction!  Join Three Leading Writers with             experience in resurrecting past characters, even those long forgotten!
10:00-11:00 AM-
            COMPANY PANEL-THE SHIRE POST- Join Writer and Craftsman Tom Maringer as He discusses coin making, including his work on THE GAME OF THRONES properties!
             TRIVIA SMACKDOWN #4 Hancock, Stevens, and Chamberlin
            DOLLS, FRAILS, AND DAMES-WOMEN IN PULP-Morgan Minor, Selina Rosen, Penelope Flynn, Kimberly Richardson-Female Authors discuss their take on Genre Fiction from their own unique individual and collective perspectives!  Characterization, Plot, Style, and more are up for discussion with these Fine Females of Fiction!
11:00 AM-12:00 PM-
            PUBLISHER PANEL- MV MEDIA- On the cutting edge of Publishing and Pulp today, MV Media specializes in bringing African American creators and stories to the forefront, publishing some of the best fiction period today!
            NEXT GEN GAMING-G3 Gaming- Want to know what the future of Gaming is?  Find out from G3!
            HORROR-GOTHIC VERSUS MODERN- Kimberly Richardson, Eric Beebe, Tommy B. Smith, Georgia Jones, Tracy S. MorrisWhat is scarier, dark gothic horror or torture/slasher modern fiction?  Listen as leading authors and publishers of Dark and Horror Fiction discuss this and more about Gothic and Modern Horror!
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM-
             PUBLISHER PANEL- TNT-138 COMICS- An Independent Comic Book Company, TNT-138 brings their own personal unique vision to bear on producing fantastic Comics!
            NEW WRITERS GIVE ADVICE-Greg Norgaard, Kat Stephens Phillip Drayer Duncan, Dave White, Morgan Minor Want to hear from new writers what you can expect when working on a story to be published? Then this is the panel for You!           
1:00 PM -2:00 PM-
            COMPANY PANEL- ARKANSAS GEEK CENTRAL/ARTEMIS-   The clearing house for all things Geek in Arkansas, Arkansas Geek Central is also the same group of people that bring Artemis-the Star Trek Simulator- to life at conventions!                               
            CONVENTION STORIES!- Carlin Stuart, Danny Chamberlin, Allan Gilbreath, Kat Stephens, Steve Yoder- PULP ARK is only one of many conventions! Listen to Convention Organizers, Guests, and Professionals as they talk about Other Conventions and Share Con Tales!
2:00 PM- 3:00 PM-
            PULP ON THE FRINGES- Joseph Lamere, Selina Rosen, John Hornor Jacobs, Brad CarterWhen someone says Pulp, a particular image comes to mind!  Listen to leading writers in Genre Fiction today talk about their personal views and unique projects that are definitely outside the Pulp Box!
            PULP HEROES –PAST OR PRESENT?- Art Sippo, Martin Powell, David White, Terry AlexanderPulp Heroes of classic Pulp Fiction remain popular today, but is the Pulp Hero a concept of the Past?  Listen to four authors, creators,and fans discuss if the concept of the traditional Pulp Hero is dated or has a place in today’s fiction!

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Pro Se Productions, a Publisher known for balancing tales harkening back to classic Pulp Fiction with stories pushing the boundaries of modern Genre Fiction, continues its publishing of books that do both. Pro Se proudly announces the debut of BLACK PULP, a collection featuring the work of various authors, including bestsellers Walter Mosley and Joe R. Lansdale. 

BLACK PULP is an anthology of original stories featuring black characters in leading roles in stories running the genre gamut. Pulp fiction of the early 20th century rarely, if ever, focused on characters of color and the handful of black characters in these stories were typically portrayed stereotypically. BLACK PULP brings some of today’s best authors together with up and coming writers to craft stories of adventure, mystery, and more -- all with black characters in the forefront.

Co-editor of BLACK PULP, crime novelist Gary Phillips observed, “While revisionism is not history, as the films Django Unchained and 42 attest, nonetheless historical matters find their way into popular fiction. This is certainly the case with New Pulp as it handles such issues as race with a modern take, even though stories can be set in a retro context.” 

Black Pulp offers exciting tales of derring-do from larger-than-life heroes and heroines; aviators in sky battles, lords of the jungle, pirates battling slavers and the walking dead, gadget-wielding soldiers-of-fortune saving the world to mystics fighting for justice in other worlds. 

“The title is indeed BLACK PULP,” Pro Se Productions publisher and Black Pulp co-editor Tommy Hancock, "but these stories appeal to all. All of the basic needs for a story to touch a reader are there, including emotion, action, relevance, and more. To see all of that in a Pulp story funneled through characters that got the short shrift in terms of appropriate treatment in classic Pulp is definitely something worth sharing."

BLACK PULP also features a new essay on the nature of Pulp, both classic and modern, by award winning bestselling author Walter Mosley. 

The other writers contributing original works to the anthology are: two-time Shamus award winner Gar Anthony Haywood, two time Award finalist Kimberly Richardson, Dixon Medal winner Christopher Chambers, critically acclaimed novelist Mel Odom, hip-hop chronicler Michael Gonzales, and award winning leading New Pulp writers Ron Fortier, D. Alan Lewis, Derrick Ferguson, Charles Saunders, Tommy Hancock, and Chester Himes award winner Phillips. This collection also features a classic story by Joe R. Lansdale, winner of the Edgar Allan Poe award, and multiple Bram Stoker awards.

BLACK PULP is available now from Amazon at and via Pro Se's own store at! Coming soon in digital format to Kindle, Nook, and more!

With a pulse pounding original cover by artist Adam Shaw and stunning cover design by Sean Ali, BLACK PULP delivers hair raising action and two fisted adventure out of both barrels! 

For more information concerning BLACK PULP, including interviews and review copies, contact Pro Se Productions at 870-834-4022 or at


A Live Action Roleplaying Phenomenon from Memphis makes its way for the first time out of Tennessee to PULP ARK 2013!  If you enjoy drama, split second decision making, and ZOMBIES, then you need to be a part of THE DEBATE OF THE DEAD: SERIAL EDITION at PULP ARK 2013!

lostgamers productions (never capitalized), or LGP,is a gaming development group out of Memphis, TN. What started out as a small group of friends, arguing about every type of game available, has grown into tight-knit force of creative innovation. Since its inception, one major focus of LGP has been to evolve beyond the traditional style of tabletop & live action role-playing games and give its audience something different. Something they didn’t have collecting dust on a shelf at home. Along the way, they’ve introduced us to furniture-obsessed soldiers, multi-cultural pitchmen, living miniatures and computerized wrestlers. So, whether you’ve been SHAFTED or manipulated in a game of GEEK BALL, you can attest to their commitment to make sure you’ve experienced something fun. And nothing proves that better than their premiere experience, DEBATE OF THE DEAD.

In lostgamers productions’ DEBATE OF THE DEAD, participants typically take on the role of an advisor to the President of the United States. Now, unlike traditional live action role-playing games (LARP), they do not act out the personality of an established character. Rather they portray themselves as if they were employed in certain government positions. Their task is to advise the President on how to handle a potentially life threatening situation while maintaining the good standing of their administration.

In its first trip outside the Memphis area, LGP is once again trying something different. They are bringing DEBATE OF THE DEAD: SERIAL EDITION to PULP ARK 2013!

It’s September of 1945, and our country is in a state of celebration. It’s been just over a month since the bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and the World War II is officially over. Unfortunately, a new threat looms on the horizon….

JOIN IN THE DEBATE OF THE DEAD: SERIAL EDITION at PULP ARK 2013!  For More Information, Contact 870-834-4022 or email!

Monday, April 8, 2013


Pro Se Productions, a Publisher known for Innovative Genre Fiction and New Pulp, announces one of its most interesting, unique projects to date!  Author Joseph Lamere brings a wild concept to Pro Se in the first volume of his digest series, DRAMATIS PERSONAE! 

The Truth isn't stranger than Fiction. Truth is Fiction! Find out in Joseph Lamere’s DRAMATIS PERSONAE: PUBLIC DOMAIN!

For your whole life secrets have been kept from you. Science and history books have gotten it wrong. They only tell part of the story. Maybe someday these books will be rewritten, but only if Diogenes Ra's secret gets out. 

If you only knew what Diogenes Ra knew. 

He knows something the rest of us don't. Fiction is real. All your favorite characters exists, their stories overlapping in one grand, timeless narrative. Diogenes Ra can access that narrative. For the right price he will even bring your favorite fictional characters here to our world. But they can't be gone long. They have to get back to their stories in time for you to read them or watch them on TV. 

Diogenes Ra believes he alone possesses the ability to pass unchecked between this world and the one we mistakenly call fiction. He's about to find out he's wrong. 

“One of the awesome things about being a Publisher of Genre Fiction,” Tommy Hancock, Partner in and Editor-in-Chief of Pro Se states, “is that it’s a fertile field for new and different takes on old standards.  With DRAMATIS PERSONAE, Joseph has brought something to the table that’s part mystery/part mash up/ part family drama and most definitely all Fun.   The characters jump off the page, literally within the story, but also Diogenes and crew are truly unforgettable on their own.   This is a series that Pro Se will be glad to share with the world for a long time coming.”

DRAMATIS PERSONAE: PUBLIC DOMAIN by Joseph Lamere! With Cover Art by Terry Pavlet, Format and Design by Sean Ali, and Ebook Design by Russ Anderson! The first of a fantastically imaginative new series from Pro Se Productions!

DRAMATIS PERSONAE: PUBLIC DOMAIN is available for $8.00 in print from Pro Se’s own store at, from Amazon at and available in digital format for $2.99 for your Nook at, on your Kindle at, and for other formats via Smashwords at !

Interested in interviews and review copies of this title? Email Morgan Minor, Pro Se’s Director of Corporate Operations at