Friday, March 29, 2013


Pro Se Productions, a leader in Genre and New Pulp Fiction, announces today that as of April 1, 2013, no further unsolicited novel or collection submissions will be set for publication in 2013. 

“The reason is,” Tommy Hancock, Partner in and Editor in Chief of Pro Se Productions explained, “we simply have more than enough Genre goodness scheduled to come out this year.  Pro Se has truly become a force as an independent press and a large part of that has to do with the writers and staff that have already had work published and/or developed with Pro Se.     The quality of work that Pro Se puts out has brought an unprecedented amount of submissions to our door, many of those from authors, both established and new, who know of Pro Se’s reputation and want their work with us.  We definitely want the best in Genre Fiction under our banner as well, but there comes a point to where you have to be fair to everyone involved, including the company itself.  So, Pro Se is not closing submissions, but we are not scheduling any other unsolicited works for publication in 2013.”

“As for 2014,” Hancock stated, “that calendar is filling up quickly as well, both with new works as well as follow up novels to existing Pro Se material.   We intend to publish an unprecedented amount of books this year, but do not intend to repeat that next year necessarily.  So, although space is open for 2014, we also already have books on our 2015 schedule as well.”

Hancock states that this is not a typical closing of submissions.  “We’ve had a lot of inquiries,” he stated, “as many as two a week in the last two months.  And it’s simply come up that we feel it necessary to establish that although we’re very much interested in reviewing your novel or collection for publication with Pro Se, we also have to be honest and up front about when your book will likely see print.”

Any projects accepted prior to April 1, 2013, Hancock stated, are still scheduled for dates provided in private correspondence, if such dates have been set.  This announcement does not affect any project that has been accepted by Pro Se prior to April 1, 2013.

Hancock also emphasized that this does not include stories for the now quarterly PRO SE PRESENTS Magazine.  “You can send in stories if you’re seeking publication in the magazine and they will, upon acceptance, be send to Lee Houston, Jr., the managing editor of the magazine, and then scheduled for inclusion.”

“This also,” Hancock maintained, “does not include calls for submissions made by Pro Se for anthologies or future works.   If we put out the call, most definitely we seek submissions for that specific work.”

All submissions as of April 1, 2013 will need to be sent to Morgan Minor, Director of Corporate Operations for Pro Se at  Morgan then will start each proposal/manuscript through the submission process within Pro Se.

Pro Se reminds all potential authors that submission standards are as follows-
Story must be Pulp in Style, regardless of Genre
Single Spaced, Double Between Paragraphs
Times New Roman, 12 point type
No paragraph indentions
Five Asterisks (*****) between scene breaks
Submissions must include Name, Contact information, and Word Count.

For any questions concerning submissions, please email Morgan Minor at

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Classic Pulp Fiction was known as a proving ground for not only up and coming writers, but also new takes on genre fiction and experimenting with the style of writing Pulp.  New Pulp as a field and style is no different than its ancestor and one of the leading companies focused on pushing the boundaries of genre fiction, in both content and presentation, is Pro Se Productions!  To that end, Pro Se announces today a daring new collection is now open for submissions!

RAT-A-TAT!: Short Blasts of Pulp! Is a book that will spotlight extremely short pieces, popularly known as ‘flash fiction’ that, regardless of genre, will be Pulp in nature.   Pieces accepted for this collection must be no shorter than 500 words, but no longer than 3,000 words.  Also, the requirements are that these be complete stories, not scenes or excerpts from larger pieces.  Also, the pieces must be heretofore unpublished.  Each story will be read and reviewed and acceptance will be determined by the above standards as well as the determination of whether or not the story qualifies as Pulp.

“Flash Fiction,” Tommy Hancock, Partner in and Pro Se Editor in Chief says, “is a neat style all its own and to apply that to Pulp will be interesting.  The Classic Pulps, although not filled with them, ran shorts within the lengths we’ll have in this collection, so it’s not a new ground we’re breaking.   But to take these short pieces, to challenge writers to tell complete tales in a smattering of words, and to then bind all the genres, all the writers, all the stories into one collection, that’s a new take on things, a bit of an experiment, and a risk that Pro Se is more than ready to take.”

Hancock also stated that due to the fact there could potentially be nearly 100 authors in this collection, each contributor will get 1 print copy and 10 digital copies of the book, regardless of how many stories a writer submits.  Hancock said that multiple submissions by individual writers are accepted, but the intent is to have as wide a variety of authors as the book will have of stories.

RAT-A-TAT! : Short Blasts of Pulp! Will be open for submissions until June 1st or until the word count of 60,000 words is met.   Submissions must be COMPLETE stories, no proposals or queries.  Send submissions to Morgan Minor, Pro Se Director of Corporate Operations at  Direct any questions to that address as well.


PULP OBSCURA, the imprint from Pro Se Productions in conjunction with Altus Press, announces its latest title now available as an Ebook!

A fearless Avenger for Justice atop a blazing steed!  The explosive blast of six-guns filling the air, punctuated by the sharp crack of a whip!  A mask protecting the identity of someone fighting for Right in the Old West!  All the elements to make a fantastic Pulp story came together decades ago in tales crafted by a prolific Pulp Writer.  Now PULP OBSCURA, an imprint of Pro Se Productions in conjunction with Altus Press, proudly presents three new tales of this groundbreaking character from Pulp’s Golden Era!

Pulp Obscura’s THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SENORITA SCORPION, featuring Les Savage, Jr.’s Masked Mistress of the Range is now available, adding another stellar star to the lineup of classic, but often forgotten or underrated heroes now living again in Pro Se’s exciting imprint!

Created by Savage in 1944 for Action Stories, Senorita Scorpion is in fact Elgera Douglas, a young lady who became a legendary outlaw defending her family's land and legacy, the fabled Lost Santiago Mine. Beautiful and deadly. A crack shot. A Fast thinking, daring fighter who is ruthless to those who threaten the land and people under her protection! 

Nancy A. Hansen sends Senorita Scorpion into action to the ringing of THE BELLS OF ST. FERDINAND!   Andrea Judy demonstrates that some jail breaks simply need A WOMAN’S TOUCH! And Brad Mengel posts a fantastic bounty with WANTED: SENORITA SCORPION!  Three great writers bring a classic Pulp character galloping back to life in three daring tales of hard riding action and bold adventure! 

From out of the Past comes New Tales of Classic Characters from PULP OBSCURA! With editing by Percival Constantine, an amazing cover by Mike Fyles, logos by Sean Ali, and Ebook Formatting by Russ Anderson, ride alongside the mysterious blond bandit of the Old West in THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SENORITA SCORPION! 

Available for Kindle at and for the Nook at! Also available in multiple formats from Smashwords at! And only for $2.99! 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Pro Se Productions, a leader in the New Pulp Movement, announces today a format change for its award winning magazine as well as a new head for the publication.

The latest issue of Pro Se Presents, the March 2013 #18 issue, will be the last monthly issue of the title.  With #19, Pro Se Presents will become a quarterly magazine, but will also double to triple in size, according to Tommy Hancock.

Hancock, Partner in and Editor in Chief of Pro Se explains the reason for this.  “Pro Se Presents has proven extremely popular and is considered by many to be an honest to goodness heir to the Pulp Magazines of old.  Even with that in mind, though, certain things have to be taken into consideration.   One of those is time and the rest of Pro Se’s ever growing schedule.”

“Due to a massive commitment to put out an amazing number of titles this year as well as the amount of time working on a single issue of the magazine consumes, some decisions had to be made.   The result is that the magazine will now be quarterly, will contain at least twice the amount of stories, and have some other cosmetic differences that both allow the magazine to continue and for Pro Se staff as a whole to give more time to all the titles being prepared.”

The first quarterly issue of Pro Se Presents will be 19, available in June 2013.

“Other changes,” Hancock stated, “are coming for the magazine as well.  Until now, I have included the duties of the magazine as one of my Editor-In-Chief responsibilities.  And, as with everything else Pro Se, my time has become stretched thin enough that it’s become imperative to pass the duties of managing the magazine over to someone who’s been training for it for awhile as Chief Editor- Pro Se Presents' new managing editor, Lee Houston, Jr.”

Houston made his New Pulp debut as a contributor to Pro Se’s first line of magazines and moved up quickly to the ranks of novelist with his HUGH MONN and PROJECT ALPHA books, as well as various projects for Pro Se and other companies.  Houston has acted initially as an editor and then Chief Editor for the magazine. "Each issue we showcase the best short stories available, just like the classic anthology pulps of yesteryear did."  Hancock will maintain company control of the magazine, but for all practical purposes Lee Houston, Jr. as of Issue 19 will be the Managing Editor for the two time Pulp Ark award winning magazine from Pro Se Productions!

Learn more about Pro Se at and!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Pro Se Productions, a leader in Action Adventure and Genre Fiction, proudly announces the latest release from its first author centered imprint and one of the best Pulp writers today!  Multiple award winning author Barry Reese has created yet another hero to add to his own modern Pulp Pantheon, which already includes such New Pulp standards as The Rook and Lazarus Gray.  Reese Unlimited, an imprint of Pro Se, presents THE ADVENTURES OF GRAVEDIGGER VOLUME ONE, the latest entry into Pro Se’s Sovereign City Project.

Her Life Began...The Day She Died. 

 The Adventures of Gravedigger introduces the latest masked warrior to inherit the mantle of Gravedigger. A lost soul who has returned from the grave to take up a mission of justice and vengeance, Gravedigger stalks the streets of Sovereign City assisted by her faithful agents and surprising familiar allies! She is the last defense against the criminals, madmen, and bizarre creatures that prowl in the shadows! 

According to Tommy Hancock, Partner in and Editor in Chief of Pro Se, “Barry consistently brings his best to each new project.  What makes GRAVEDIGGER more than just the next Reese Unlimited title, though, is the fact that it’s a new tale he’s telling, new to him and to us.  Very few people instill personal excitement and passion for a concept into their work the way Barry does and it definitely carries over onto the written page.”

"I wanted,” Reese states, “to create something that would continue the theme of personal rebirth that populates a lot of my work but I also wanted to do something a little bit different from The Rook and Lazarus Gray. I think I accomplished both with Gravedigger. She and her allies were really near and dear to my heart... by the end of the book, I considered them all to be personal friends. I hope readers will react in the same way."

Gravedigger walks the streets of Sovereign City with Barry’s Lazarus Gray and Derrick Ferguson’s Fortune McCall, but brings a whole new flavor to that project. Hancock, the creator of Sovereign City explains.  “Sovereign City is the best and worst of every large settlement of human beings you can imagine.  In that sort of mix, there has to be heroes and villains will pop up.  What Sovereign hasn’t had is an equalizer of sorts, someone who, while definitely a hero by definition, is not cast in the traditional Sovereign City mold for such. Barry delivers that with Gravedigger in spades, which will be needed to bury the bodies she leaves behind.”

Featuring a stunning cover by award winning Pulp Artist George Sellas and mind blowing interiors by renowned artist Will Meugniot. THE ADVENTURES OF GRAVEDIGGER is a stunning, horrifying new addition to Pulp! From Author Barry Reese, Edited by David White, with Format and Design by Sean Ali! THE ADVENTURES OF GRAVEDIGGER VOLUME ONE from Reese Unlimited and Pro Se Productions!

Available in print for $15.00 from Pro Se at and via Amazon at !  Coming soon in digital format!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


A fearless Avenger for Justice atop a blazing steed!  The explosive blast of six-guns filling the air, punctuated by the sharp crack of a whip!  A mask protecting the identity of someone fighting for Right in the Old West!  All the elements to make a fantastic Pulp story came together decades ago in tales crafted by a prolific Pulp Writer.  Now PULP OBSCURA, an imprint of Pro Se Productions in conjunction with Altus Press, proudly presents three new tales of this groundbreaking character from Pulp’s Golden Era!

Pulp Obscura’s THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SENORITA SCORPION, featuring Les Savage, Jr.’s Masked Mistress of the Range is now available, adding another stellar star to the lineup of classic, but often forgotten or underrated heroes now living again in Pro Se’s exciting imprint!

Created by Savage in 1944 for Action Stories, Senorita Scorpion is in fact Elgera Douglas, a young lady who became a legendary outlaw defending her family's land and legacy, the fabled Lost Santiago Mine. Beautiful and deadly. A crack shot. A Fast thinking, daring fighter who is ruthless to those who threaten the land and people under her protection! 

“Senorita Scorpion,” stated Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief of Pro Se Productions, “is a wonderful character on several levels with so much potential.  Masked heroes in the Wild West have a special place in the heart of fans of all sorts, from Pulps to old time radio to television and beyond.  Senorita Scorpion fits right into the category.  Then add in the fact that not only is this a female lead character created at a time when that wasn’t done very often, but that she was written to be as strong and capable as the very men she stood against.   Les Savage, Jr. gave Pulp fiction a heroine that is just as relevant now as she was in the 1940s and we’re definitely glad to be a part of continuing her adventures!”

Nancy A. Hansen sends Senorita Scorpion into action to the ringing of THE BELLS OF ST. FERDINAND!   Andrea Judy demonstrates that some jail breaks simply need A WOMAN’S TOUCH! And Brad Mengel posts a fantastic bounty with WANTED: SENORITA SCORPION!  Three great writers bring a classic Pulp character galloping back to life in three daring tales of hard riding action and bold adventure! 

From out of the Past comes New Tales of Classic Characters from PULP OBSCURA! With editing by Percival Constantine, an amazing cover by Mike Fyles and Format and Design by Sean Ali, ride alongside the mysterious blond bandit of the Old West in THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SENORITA SCORPION!  Available from Pro Se at and from Amazon at ! Coming soon in Ebook format!

Also, get two volumes the original adventures of Senorita Scorpion by Les Savage, Jr. reprinted in exquisite collectible editions from Altus Press at and!

If interested in review copies, interviews or further information, please email Morgan Minor, Pro Se’s Director of Corporate Operations at  


Pro Se Productions announces the latest issue of the Pulp Ark Pulp  Magazine  of the year two years in a row, PRO SE PRESENTS 18! 

The March 2013 issue of Pro Se Presents comes out shooting, punching, and fighting with five great tales of action, adventure, intrigue, and all out Pulp, so much so that it’s packed into an EXTRA SIZED ISSUE!

"One of the things," Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief of and Partner in Pro Se, "that our magazine is most noted for is variety.  Each issue is different from the previous one, both usually in number of stories and genres.  This nearly double sized issue is no exception to that."

Featuring three winners of the 2012 Pro Se sponsored White County Arkansas Writers Competition, Pro Se Presents 18 opens up with Six Guns, Desperadoes, and men willing to die for what's right in tales written by Jim Barton, Gary R Hoffman, and Del Garrett!

This two fisted action packed issue also includes the debut story of author Jaime Ramos! And the first adventure of a pair of new characters destined to be a force in New Pulp- STONE KOLDE by Alyssa Swift and Tommy Hancock- premieres in PRO SE PRESENTS 18! Featuring a stunning cover by Marc Guerrero and Format and Design by Sean Ali, get all the Pulp You can handle in the latest issue of PRO SE PRESENTS!

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief of Pro Se Productions and Pulp Ark Coordinator, announces that voting has closed for the open nomination 2013 Pulp Ark Awards.   The Winners of the 2013 Pulp Ark Awards are-

Best Novel-
Die Glocke by Barry Reese in The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume 2: Die Glocke published by Pro Se Productions

Best Novella-
The Lone Ranger: Vendetta by Howard Hopkins published by Moonstone Books

Best Collection/Anthology-
The Green Hornet: Still at Large by Various, edited by Win Scott Eckert, Joe Gentile, and Matthew Baugh, published by Moonstone Books

Best Short Story-
Lucky by Tommy Hancock features in Night Beat: Night Stories published by Radio Archives

Best Cover-
The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume 2 by George Sellas published by Pro Se Productions

Best Interior Art-
The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume 2 by George Sellas published by Pro Se Productions

Best Pulp Revival-
The Wild Adventures of Doc Savage by Will Murray published by Altus Press

Best New Pulp Character-
Rick Ruby created by Bobby Nash and Sean Taylor as features in The Ruby Files Volume 1 Published by Airship 27 Productions

Best Pulp Comic-
The Shadow published by Dynamite Comics

Best Pulp Magazine-
Pro Se Presents published by Pro Se Productions

Best Author-
Bobby Nash

Best New Author-
Jim Beard

“The voting this year,” Hancock noted, “was exciting since it involved so many different creators, works and publishers.  Six different publishers are represented in the final tally, with both the Best Author and Best New Author winners being writers for various publishers in 2012.”

The Pulp Ark Lifetime Achievement Award, according to Hancock, is still being determined by the select committee chosen to give the honor to an individual who has done considerable work in furthering Pulp in his/her lifetime.

The awards, 8X10 engraved wooden plaques, will be awarded at  Pulp Ark 2013 in Springdale Arkansas , the evening of Saturday, April 27, 2013. Hancock stated that all winners as well as nominees are encouraged to attend, but any winners who could not would receive their awards by mail. Pulp Ark thanks all who nominated, all who voted, and congratulations to all the nominees and especially to the winners of the Pulp Ark 2013 Awards!

For any questions concerning Pulp Ark, contact Hancock at or follow Pulp Ark news at


A fractured, ruined world where forgotten, legendary creatures live and thrive in towering mountains, magical forests, and barren deserts. Angelique Bosc and her allies will traverse harsh, nightmarish landscapes to discover the secrets of the past, stabilize events in the present day, and unlock the  
mysteries of the future as they journey to CADAVER ISLAND!

Pro Se Productions Proudly Presents CADAVER ISLAND, the debut novel from Author Kevin Rodgers!

In the year 2212, long after the world has been reshaped by seismic cataclysms and polar shifts, Princess Angelique Bosc recovers from a terrible Hovercraft accident, which left her injured and near death. Her friend and physician, Dr. Laurent Stine, used his skills as a robotics engineer to replace her damaged organs with android components. Angelique realizes that her mechanical heart will require a fresh battery pack within 48 hours. However, a loathed and exiled warlock, Xavier Thames, steals all of the battery packs and transports them to his castle, Thames Keep, in order to build a time machine. Angelique, Dr. Stine, and their allies are forced to embark on a long, perilous trek to Thames Keep located on Cadaver Island. Can they reach Thames Keep and replace Angelique's battery pack before she goes into cardiac arrest?

"Kevin Rodgers," stated Tommy Hancock, Partner in and Editor in Chief of Pro Se Productions, "is one of the strongest new voices in Genre Fiction.   Able to write well in any genre, Kevin has excelled at the sort of cross genre mash up type stories that today's readers enjoy.   One of our more prolific contributors to Pro Se Presents, our magazine, Kevin can chill, thrill, and excite readers as well as any author.   Pro Se is more than proud to be publishing not only Kevin's debut novel, but the first in a trilogy guaranteed to Cadaver Island is the first installment of a trilogy by Author Kevin Rodgers, replete with all the horror, action, and adventure Kevin's work is known for."

Featuring stunning artwork by Ariadne Soares of Fitztown and mindblowing design and format by Sean Ali, Cadaver Island is a nonstop futuristic horror thriller guaranteed to chill and amaze! From Pro Se Productions, a leader in Genre and New Pulp Fiction!

CADAVER ISLAND is now available at Amazon HERE and via Pro Se's CreateSpace eStore at for $15.00.  And coming soon in Ebook for your Kindle, Nook, and other devices for only $2.99!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


An untamed land of lawless men and deadly decisions.  Evil hides in the shadows of alleys and Good dies on blood soaked streets. Loose words lead to skinned sixguns and flying lead.  A land where a man has to be of a certain breed.  Tough, relentless, unforgiving.  A land where a man has to beSavage.

Pro Se Productions, a leading publisher of Genre Fiction and New Pulp proudly presents SAVAGE NOIR: The Complete Adventures of Frank Savage.  Written by Greg Norgaard, SAVAGE NOIR is a hard boiled two fisted western.  This omnibus features the original two novels featuring Norgaard's raw, exciting protagonist-Frank Savage- as well as a never before published short story chronicling Savage's last adventure.

There is only one way to deal with murderous souls when killing is their modus operandi and revenge is on their mind. When the West was wild, one man knew this better than any other. His name was Frank Savage.

A SAVAGE RETRIBUTION – On a cross country stagecoach trip, Frank’s destiny causes him to cross paths with people from his past.  Unaware that they are being followed, Frank must come to terms with his old ways.  With the help of his friends, he will face his past and fight for their lives against a madman who will stop at nothing to get his savage retribution.

A SAVAGE DARKNESS –The violent story of four lawmen in search of a murderous group of psychopaths.  Frank leads his new found partners into Chicago’s dangerous underworld in order to destroy the killers who savagely murdered one man’s family.

AN AMERICAN SAVAGE- Never Before Published!  This trek takes Frank to England for his final mission- to stop a killer from continuing his rampage.  A killer that he should have disposed of when he had the chance.  It will not be a mistake Savage makes twice!

According to Paul Bishop (Fight Card), "Savage Noir is not your father's western.  Frank Savage is a flawed hero riding hell-bent for violence.  Nasty.  Brutish.  Twisted.  I loved every page." 

Gordon Dymowski (Zone 4/Blog THIS Pal) recommends, "If you like your Westerns a little wilder than most, you'll dig SAVAGE NOIR."

SAVAGE NOIR: THE COMPLETE ADVENTURES OF FRANK SAVAGE by Greg Norgaard is currently available from Pro Se Productions at and at Amazon and Barnes & Noble!  Coming Soon to Kindle, Nook, and Other E-Readers!

For Interviews with the author or more information on Pro Se Productions, contact!