Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Pro Se Productions, a leader in the New Pulp Movement, announces today a format change for its award winning magazine as well as a new head for the publication.

The latest issue of Pro Se Presents, the March 2013 #18 issue, will be the last monthly issue of the title.  With #19, Pro Se Presents will become a quarterly magazine, but will also double to triple in size, according to Tommy Hancock.

Hancock, Partner in and Editor in Chief of Pro Se explains the reason for this.  “Pro Se Presents has proven extremely popular and is considered by many to be an honest to goodness heir to the Pulp Magazines of old.  Even with that in mind, though, certain things have to be taken into consideration.   One of those is time and the rest of Pro Se’s ever growing schedule.”

“Due to a massive commitment to put out an amazing number of titles this year as well as the amount of time working on a single issue of the magazine consumes, some decisions had to be made.   The result is that the magazine will now be quarterly, will contain at least twice the amount of stories, and have some other cosmetic differences that both allow the magazine to continue and for Pro Se staff as a whole to give more time to all the titles being prepared.”

The first quarterly issue of Pro Se Presents will be 19, available in June 2013.

“Other changes,” Hancock stated, “are coming for the magazine as well.  Until now, I have included the duties of the magazine as one of my Editor-In-Chief responsibilities.  And, as with everything else Pro Se, my time has become stretched thin enough that it’s become imperative to pass the duties of managing the magazine over to someone who’s been training for it for awhile as Chief Editor- Pro Se Presents' new managing editor, Lee Houston, Jr.”

Houston made his New Pulp debut as a contributor to Pro Se’s first line of magazines and moved up quickly to the ranks of novelist with his HUGH MONN and PROJECT ALPHA books, as well as various projects for Pro Se and other companies.  Houston has acted initially as an editor and then Chief Editor for the magazine. "Each issue we showcase the best short stories available, just like the classic anthology pulps of yesteryear did."  Hancock will maintain company control of the magazine, but for all practical purposes Lee Houston, Jr. as of Issue 19 will be the Managing Editor for the two time Pulp Ark award winning magazine from Pro Se Productions!

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