Thursday, March 28, 2013


PULP OBSCURA, the imprint from Pro Se Productions in conjunction with Altus Press, announces its latest title now available as an Ebook!

A fearless Avenger for Justice atop a blazing steed!  The explosive blast of six-guns filling the air, punctuated by the sharp crack of a whip!  A mask protecting the identity of someone fighting for Right in the Old West!  All the elements to make a fantastic Pulp story came together decades ago in tales crafted by a prolific Pulp Writer.  Now PULP OBSCURA, an imprint of Pro Se Productions in conjunction with Altus Press, proudly presents three new tales of this groundbreaking character from Pulp’s Golden Era!

Pulp Obscura’s THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SENORITA SCORPION, featuring Les Savage, Jr.’s Masked Mistress of the Range is now available, adding another stellar star to the lineup of classic, but often forgotten or underrated heroes now living again in Pro Se’s exciting imprint!

Created by Savage in 1944 for Action Stories, Senorita Scorpion is in fact Elgera Douglas, a young lady who became a legendary outlaw defending her family's land and legacy, the fabled Lost Santiago Mine. Beautiful and deadly. A crack shot. A Fast thinking, daring fighter who is ruthless to those who threaten the land and people under her protection! 

Nancy A. Hansen sends Senorita Scorpion into action to the ringing of THE BELLS OF ST. FERDINAND!   Andrea Judy demonstrates that some jail breaks simply need A WOMAN’S TOUCH! And Brad Mengel posts a fantastic bounty with WANTED: SENORITA SCORPION!  Three great writers bring a classic Pulp character galloping back to life in three daring tales of hard riding action and bold adventure! 

From out of the Past comes New Tales of Classic Characters from PULP OBSCURA! With editing by Percival Constantine, an amazing cover by Mike Fyles, logos by Sean Ali, and Ebook Formatting by Russ Anderson, ride alongside the mysterious blond bandit of the Old West in THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SENORITA SCORPION! 

Available for Kindle at and for the Nook at! Also available in multiple formats from Smashwords at! And only for $2.99! 

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