Thursday, December 9, 2010

Who is Doc Daye?

When Tempus Daye wakes up every morning, he is the ultimate man, the peak of human perfection. Muscular, intelligent, handsome, and even though he stands out because his skin as a silvery metallic hint to it, he is still the consummate example of all that is good with humanity. But as the day passes, many things wear on Doc Daye...

Tempus's parents, geniuses in their own rights, determined that their child should be the bastion of human ingenuity, perfection, and justice. To this end, he was fully given over at a young age to a group of scientists to raise him and train him without the emotional influence parents might impart. These scientists did just that, teaching him all the known languages in the world and rearing him in all the known sciences, as well as exposing him to experts in multiple other fields. But they also took it upon themselves to do more. This group of scientists performed various experiments and procedures on the young boy through his life, attempting to give him extrahuman skills to wage his war on injustice with. What they did instead was give the World's ultimate hero his greatest weakness.

Each day when Doc Day awakes, he is, as stated above, very nearly perfection personified. And he remains that way as long as he has no contact with people or even creatures of lesser stock. If he comes into contact with the angry, the lazy, the greedy, the evil, those with common human imperfections, Doc Daye takes on that imperfection almost immediately and, even though he struggles and attempts to hold it off, he eventually begins to personify the imperfections he encounters. This means that by the end of any given day, Tempus Daye may be lazy, angry, psychopathic, evil, whatever he has encountered. When his body shuts down...and this is a when, not an if, his body has to have and will have 8 hours of sleep each 24 hour period, then a transformation takes place and he is once again Doc Daye, the 24 Hour Hero!!!

Doc has tried to fight this, he has put together teams in the past and has even tried to solve the world's issues in two or three horus a day, but finally he settled on a solution. He sequesters himself away in various solitary places with a single assistant.... and hires Tom Pariah, erstwhile soldier of fortune, etc. to be his legs...and provides him with inventions, help, etc. Of course, Doc will get into the mix more than once so I could play with that wonderful weakness...but he would work through Pariah and whoever Pariah recruited for the most part. And Doc's not a secret entity really, but he's been seen so little that he's sort of urban he tries to keep his location secret so baddies wont try to capture him and use him for their own evil ways.

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