Sunday, April 24, 2011


YESTERYEAR, Tommy Hancock's debut novel from Pro Se Press, now has its first review from a reader on Amazon!  Check it out, then purchase YESTERYEAR at!!

Over the last couple of months, I waited with anticipation for the release of "Yesteryear", the debut novel of Tommy Hancock. Several teasers, such as excerpts and illustrations, popped up on various websites, such as All Pulp and Pulp Machine. Last week, when my copy arrived via UPS, I ripped the package open to admire the artwork on the glossy, front cover. After enjoying a rousing, energetic introduction by Derrick Ferguson, I immersed myself in Tommy Hancock's world of heroes and villains.

The main storyline, which takes place in the current time, deals with events which affect the protagonist, J.C. Smithenson. Smithenson finds an unpublished book on his doorstep, which turns out to be an expose of the secrets and origins of heroes and their villainous counterparts. "Yesteryear" alternates back and forth between Smithenson's storyline and excerpts from the book. Hancock transports the reader to different eras, such as The Great Depression, Pearl Harbor, and even a secret land called Creativa, to introduce heroes (and villains) and explain how they developed their extraordinary powers.

"Yesteryear" is a smooth, fast-paced novel with some powerful moments: a high-rise inferno involving a sinister arsonist named Firedancer, and a tragic sequence of events which leads to the birth of a supernatural vigilante who calls himself The Night. Hancock states that "Yesteryear" is the beginning of a series of books. I'll look forward to the next installment with even more anticipation than before...I highly recommend "Yesteryear" as an addition to anyone's bookshelf!

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