Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pulp Ark 2012 - Best Novel Nominees - Sentinels: Stellarax - by: Van Allen Plexico

          The situation is dire. Four vast and powerful cosmic entities stand poised to destroy the Earth, while the spaceborne nano-virus called the Blight turns everyone--human and alien--into mindless zombies.

          With the mighty Ultraa near death and powerful Vanadium a captive of the enemy, Lyn Li and Esro Brachis have no other choice. They must lead a ragtag group of heroes and villains on a desperate mission. If they’re going out, they’re going out with a bang. It’s one last hurrah-- before the end of the world!

          Filled with action and adventure, SENTINELS: STELLARAX sees our heroes through their greatest challenges ever--and no one is the same afterward.

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