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New Pulp Best Seller List (Based on Amazon Sales Ranks 5/7/12)

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It’s that time again! Before I unveil the Top Ten, let’s go over a few of the ground rules, shall we? Those of you who have been keeping up with the list for awhile will notice a few changes in how I’m doing the list!
1) This list only tracks sales through AMAZON. It does not keep track of sales through Barnes and Noble, face-to-face or anything else!
2) This list only tracks PRINT sales. We do not currently track e-books. Exactly how Amazon calculates those things is mostly a trade secret and they vary wildly from day to day. If I checked this tomorrow, the list could be very different. This list reflects sales ranks as of Monday morning May 7, 2012.
3) In order to keep the focus on new releases, eligible works must have been published within three months of the current date. So, since this list is being done in May 2012, I’m only looking at books published since February 2012. Please keep that in mind before complaining that Title X is not listed.
4) I am no longer tracking pre-release orders. Some publishers never actually release their books and when they do, it’s months after they were supposed to be released. Everything listed in the Top Ten is currently for sale.
5) I am human. I make mistakes. If you are aware of a title that should be listed below (keeping in mind all the rules above), please let me know and I will make sure to remedy the situation.
6) I get most of my information from All Pulp, New Pulp, the Pulp Factory mailing list and a few other sites. If you think I might miss your release, let me know in advance — drop me a line and tell me when it’s being released.
Without further ado, here’s the completely and totally unofficial New Pulp bestseller list as of right now (title, then publisher, then release date, then sales rank):
1) The Sting of the Silver Manticore by P.J. Lozito (Pro Se Press, April 2012) – 37,027
2) Sherlock Holmes: The Crossovers Casebook by Various (Moonstone Books, March 2012) – 47,983
3) The Destiny of Fu Manchu by William Patrick Maynard (Black Coat Press, March 2012) - 74,580
4) Dr. Watson’s American Adventure by Erwin K. Roberts (Airship 27, April 2012) – 444,407
5) Sherlock Holmes: The Baron’s Revenge by Gary Lovisi (Airship 27, February 2012) -450,339
6) Pro Se Presents # 9 by Various (Pro Se Press, April 2012) - 509,122
7) New Adventures of Thunder Jim Wade (Pro Se Press, March 2012) – 1,065,248
8) Call of Shadows by David Smith (Airship 27, March 2012) - 1,184,5329) The Moon Man Volume One by Various (Airship 27, March 2012) – 1,631,815
10) The Ruby Files Volume One by Various (Airship 27, March 2012) – 1,677,838
Just missing the list were: Pro Se Presents # 8 by Various (Pro Se Press, March 2012) – 1,748,594, Pro Se Presents # 7 by Various (Pro Se Press, Februrary 2012) – 1,766,207, Heroes of Mars by Various (Pulp Empire, February 2012) - 1,806,335 and Lost Tribes of the Dire Planet by Joel Jenkins (Pulp Work Press, March 2012) - 2,348,579.
And it’s finally happened… a book from a non-”Big Press” has hit # 1. Congratulations to P.J. Lozito and Pro Se Press for scoring this major coup. I’ve seen Pro Se and Airship 27 come close before but nobody has pulled it off until now. Obviously, since this is the first list of a new month, several books that had been eligible no longer qualify for the list (Nancy Hansen’s latest, Pro Se Presents # 6, Under the Moons of Barsoom, etc.). We’re all still waiting on the new Doc Savage book from Altus, as well… but none of that takes away from the achievement that Mr. Lozito and his publisher have pulled off. My hat is off to them! And it’s a great sign that the top four books are all from different publishers! In addition to The Silver Manticore title, we had a new title debut in the form of Pro Se Presents # 9, which hits at # 6.
From a publisher standpoint, Airship 27 leads the way with five books in the top ten. Pro Se Press comes in next with three.
Take it all with a grain of salt, folks.

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