Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Pro Se, a leading independent Publisher specializing in cutting edge Genre Fiction announces the latest mindbending concept from the mind of ‘Monster Aces’ Creator Jim Beard!  Get your groove on with ‘The Lemon Herberts!’

Beat it, Beatles! Move over, Monkees! Here come the Lemon Herberts, the kookiest, kickiest quintet of fun-lovin’ musicians ever to hit the Summer of Love! This anthology of tales will cover the very first world tour of the Lemon Herberts, a late-1960s musical group with not only a flair for inventive pop songs, but a pulpy taste for adventure. Each story will be set in a different country along the group’s tour, setting the stage for colorful, groovy plunges into peril for the Herberts. Think Help! plus Head and divided by Donovan and you’ll be on your way to imagining all the peace, love and DANGER the Lemon Herberts could get themselves into in the incredible year of 1967!

This happening collection of Music Themed Adventure type Pulp has openings for five stories, each one 10,000 words.   If interested in going on tour with ‘The Lemon Herberts’, request the  concept bible by emailing Morgan Minor, Director of Corporate Operations at

Deadlines for proposals are June 15th.   Notification of acceptance will be sent following that date.  This is scheduled for publication in early 2014 by Pro Se Productions.

Channel the Psychedelic Sixties and give ‘The Lemon Herberts’ a spin!

For more information on Pro Se Productions, go to www.prosepulp.com.

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