Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Pro Se Press is proud to present for your viewing and reading pleasure and FOR FREE a comic adventure from the mind of Tommy Hancock and the pencil of Stephen Holcomb!

Originally created and drawn ten years ago, the debut pages of what was to be a full issue comic resurfaced recently and fit so well into the New Pulp mold and matched Pro Se's intent to provide quality New Pulp entertainment that creator and writer Tommy Hancock thought it a good idea to share this concept with the world and see if there was interest in seeing more in some format.

Those familiar with Hancock's writing will see recurring themes and even hints of characters he is known for in these few pages.  The story, an introductory piece setting up what was to come, works well with the art provided by Stephen Holcomb.   

There are ten pages, a page will be posted every day until the story is complete.  So, come on and take a look at what people wanting to be creators do in the early days of their career.  And enjoy the peek into the lives of amazing men, over the top stories, and more action than any calendar can handle!  Read on and enjoy the first page of TOM MORROW AND HIS THREE DAYS!!


  1. Now that's a beautiful page...and story wise very well handled as it sure makes me want to come back tomorrow and see what happens next.

  2. This is very cool. Definitely it catches my interest.