Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Pro Se Productions, a leading Publisher of Genre Fiction and New Pulp, announces the release of the latest work from one of Pro Se's most prolific and popular authors, the imagination behind the Pro Se Imprint, Hansen's Way-Nancy A. Hansen!

From Fantasy Author Nancy A. Hansen's very own imprint- Hansen's Way- Comes PROPHECY'S GAMBIT, the follow up novel to Hansen's stunning best selling novel debut FORTUNE'S PAWN!

 Left to pick up the pieces of a life in upheaval after her harrowing adventures in FORTUNE’S PAWN, young Callie makes a disconcerting discovery: she is carrying the child of a clandestine and forbidden union. While the mundane existence of a barmaid in a frontier town holds its own challenges, the world around her is realigning in a most sinister and dangerous way. Calculating eyes, benevolent and malicious, are now turned in her direction; and Callie finds herself in the midst of ever-increasing intrigue to control her destiny. Will this headstrong and courageous young woman—who has within her the spark of life that could bring together a diverse legion of defenders—survive long enough to carry this pregnancy to term? Or will Callie forfeit her place in legend and history to protect the shameful secret of her unborn child’s heritage and unknowingly sacrifice everyone else’s hopes and dreams in the process? Find out in PROPHECY'S GAMBIT by Nancy Hansen-part of her Hansen's Way imprint from Pro Se Productions!  Featuring Cover Art by Terry Pavlet, Format and Design by Sean E. Ali, and Ebook Design and Format by Russ Anderson!

Available at Amazon in print-  Also available at at Pro Se's Createspace store- for $15.00And for $2.99 on your Kindle at   The Ebook is also available at and for your Nook at

A writer of fantasy and adventure fiction for over 20 years, Nancy Hansen is the author of the novel FORTUNE’S PAWN, and anthologies TALES OF THE VAGABOND BARDS and THE HUNTRESS OF GREENWOOD— all available from Pro Se Press under her imprint Hansen’s Way. Her short stories have been featured in many issues of Pro Se Presents. She is also Assistant Editor and head cheerleader for the company. She has contributed stories to both Airship 27 and Mechanoid Press anthologies as well. Nancy currently resides in beautiful rural northeastern Connecticut with an eclectic cast of family members, and one very spoiled dog.

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