Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Pro Se Press Continues To Put The Monthly Back In Pulp with a double shot from Fantasy Maven Nancy A. Hansen in the award winning magazine, Pro Se Presents 16! First, Kate Keener is hired to help a troubled couple find their daughter and discovers that the answers she seeks are leading to more disturbing questions in THE KEENER EYE: OUR CROSSES TO BEAR! Also, Lori lives a secret life. She hunts and kills immortals, including vampires. She's rescued one night by a mysterious stranger who appears to share her mission. But Lori has other secrets she's been keeping in the second installment of THE SONG OF HEROES entitled DARK EYES OF NIGHT! Two New Pulp tales by one of New Pulp's stars! Get twice the Nancy Hansen in Pro Se Presents 16! Winner of the Pulp Ark Best Magazine 2011 Award!

Get Your issue of Pro Se Presents 16 with two tales by Nancy A. Hansen and wonderfully executed art and design by Sean E. Ali!  Available now in print for $6.00 at! Also available at Pro Se's Createspace Store at!  Also available in digital format for only $1.99 for your Kindle at  Also available at in any format and for your Nook at Barnes & Noble! 

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