Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Cerberus Clan: Prison Break

featuring Ken Janssens latest installment of "The Cerberus Clan"


         "The howling started around midnight. At least, “howling” was the best way that Joe could categorize it. The noise pierced higher than a canine’s and was followed with staccato chattering. He had heard animal sounds every night living out here but he had never cued in on this one before.
          Joe was in the hidden room at the back of the house.  Sometimes, like right now, Joe realized how alone they were out at the juncture of the African Serengeti and the rainforest. It was a two-day trip to the nearest outpost by truck. The only visitors they’d had the displeasure of meeting were under the employment of the Reichsheer—the German army. After that, things had been pretty quiet. No intruders to the landscape of the human kind or...‘other’wise. It had seemed that the craziness had passed, perhaps for some time to come. Perhaps not.
          Joe’s family had come here to find something that had been lost way before his adoptive father died. He found it in the form of his birth father—for the few days the man had remaining—and a legacy that didn’t come with much back story. Joe was informed he was to protect the long cavern that descended gradually into the earth. He knew no one should go in and nothing ought to get out. It was the ‘Gateway’. The gateway to what was as unknown as the origin of the ‘Toll Booth’ beside it..." 

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