Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Divine Wraith, by Robert Butt



          A tall slender man makes his way down a dark, dimly lit street. As he approaches an alley way, three rough looking men jump out of the shadows. As they approach, the man leans down, sets a long case on the ground and opens it.
          “That’s right, give us everything you’ve got,” one of the men shouts. The man looks up at the thugs, revealing a plague doctor’s mask covering his face, shadowed by a large round brimmed hat. Startled, the three thugs almost simultaneously blurt out, “What the hell?” Before the men can decide whether to attack or flee, the man is upright and in a fighting stance, revealing that he is dressed in a long flowing priest robe, a priest’s crosier gripped tightly in his hands.
          “A priest?” one of the thugs says in a smug manner.
          “Get this guy!”
          As the men attack, the priest pushes a button on the crosier, which divides it into three sections, each connected to the other by a chain. The priest takes a half step back and swings the crosier like a whip, striking one of the thugs in the head and sending him crashing helplessly to the ground. A side step and a swipe at the legs put another goon down. The third thug rushes in and is greeted by a hand around his throat. “Who, who are you?” the thug asks as his legs dangle off of the ground. The priest pulls the thug closer, and in a deep raspy voice says, “I’m The Divine Wraith! Now run along and tell your friends.”
          As the thug runs off down the street, The man places the crosier back into the case, closes it, and makes his way down the street. Eventually he comes to a very large rundown building, its outside hinting that it was once a church. Almost every window on the front of the building is broken out except for one. It is a large stained glass window depicting a battle between two groups of angels, one presumably Heaven’s, and the other the angels from Hell.

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