Monday, February 6, 2012

Pulp Ark 2012 - Best Novel Nominees - Dark Destiny - by: Jeff Melton

          The Tablets of Destiny—ancient artifacts of virtually incalculable power. Separately, they are able to wreak havoc on weather patterns, manipulate the energy supply, and control over death itself! Together, their power increases geometrically, limited only by the user’s vision! Lost for millennia, the tablets have re-surfaced. Wherever they are found, strange phenomena have followed. Today, they are aggressively sought by a homicidal madman with a dark history of brutality, who seeks the restoration of the bloody Mesopotamian Empire, setting the world back 2500 years! With the power to re-shape the world and wipe out modern civilization, his fanatical goals are within his grasp. In order to stop him, renowned adventurer and philanthropist Jeremiah Courage has assembled a team, each an expert in his or her own field. Together, they must race to seek out and secure the tablets, hidden in ancient and exotic locations around the globe, before their adversary and his followers have a chance to use them and make his dreams of conquest a grim reality. Courage’s team of adventurers must travel to the four corners of the Earth, in a desperate race against time and the men working to re-shape reality. While he seeks to use the tablets for his own sinister purpose, Courage and his team have another challenge. Every moment that the tablets are separated, the world suffers terrifying environmental upheavals, the scope of which are unseen in recorded history! They must find the tablets and stop him before the world is ripped apart by the terrifying power of the tablets, which threaten to destroy civilization itself!

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