Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pulp Ark 2012 - Best Novel Nominees - Fortune's Pawn - by: Nancy Hansen

          Prophecy foretells of a Child of Three Races who will grow up to unite the scattered protectors of the Light World in the north. In a time of great upheaval, a young woman begins a journey of adventure and discovery decreed by fate. Will she live to meet her destiny as the mother of a savior, when the forces of good and evil conspire to make her a pawn in the game of conquest? Pro Se Press is proud to introduce a tremendously talented new voice into the world of New Pulp Fantasy Fiction. Nancy Hansen creates characters that live and breathe off the page and fill the reader with all the drama, danger, tension, and terror that true Fantasy Fiction should evoke. FORTUNE'S PAWN is the beginning of a New Pulp Fantasy adventure like no other!

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