Thursday, February 3, 2011

2011 Pulp Ark - New Book Nominations 5 at a Glance

Rabbit Heart-Barry Reese (Wild Cat Books)
The time of the Hunt is nigh... Fiona Chapman was dead. However, her heart still beat and she breathed oxygen, no longer like the rest of humanity. Fiona was now one of The Furious Host, a race of mythical spirits who, in Archetype Form, rage through the centuries hunting for innocent victims to slake their thirst for blood. However, Fiona's desire is different: she craves the destruction of the Host themselves. In her Archetype Form she begins her own hunt to put an end to the evil of centuries. Now the evil has descended on the small town of Milledgeville, Georgia in the form of Urhl, one of the bloodiest of killers. Young women are being murdered in the most savage fashion imaginable. With the aid of legendary occult investigator Ascott Keane, Fiona Chapman embarks on a blood-soaked battle to the death with the ultimate serial killer! Barry Reese, author of "The Rook", "Guan-Yin and the Horrors of Skull Island", and "Savage Tales of Ki-Gor, Lord of the Jungle", creates an unforgettably hard hitting, visceral tale of courage and the unending war between Good and Evil. FOR MATURE READERS.

Beat to a Pulp: Round One-multiple authors (Beat To A  Pulp)
The BEAT to a PULP: Round One anthology is a collection of short stories from twenty-seven of today's top writers and emerging talent. This gargantuan set runs the gamut of genres and sub-genres to include noir, crime, hardboiled, ghost, western, fantasy, and sci-fi. Round One features a foreword by the venerable Bill Crider and cover art by James O'Barr of The Crow fame.

Deadline Zombies-Teel James Glenn-(Books for a Buck)

Chasing a headline is just a job for ace reporter Moxie Donnovan, but sometimes those headlines turn on him and bite. Moxie, along with his sexy better half, Maxi (a theater and film actor) face a tiger-sized panther, mechanical gunmen who support the master race, Irish Fae with the urge to pay Moxie back for the loot his grandfather took from them, murder and a hypnotist intent on re-filming Ben Hur. Teel James Gleen writes a compelling fantasy adventure inspired by the pulp fiction of the 1930s (with evil nazis, sinister magic, and a wise-cracking and sympathetic protagonist in Moxie). Although Glenn's work pays homage to the classics of the 1930s, he gives Maxi, Moxie's love interest a far more active role than typical in the stories actually written in that era, helping to make his story resonate with the modern reader. 

Dodge Dalton in the Shadow of Falcons Wings-Sean Ellis (Seven Realms)
IN THE GOLDEN AGE OF ADVENTURE... Dodge Dalton's stories about the adventures of Captain Zane Falcon have made both the author, and his iconic protagonist, famous. Maybe a little too famous. When a diabolical villain, wielding a fantastic power unearthed in the ruins of a forgotten civilization, kidnaps the president, he has only one demand...a fight with America's greatest hero. There's just one problem: Falcon doesn't exist. Or does he? In order to save America, Dodge must embark on a journey to the ends of the earth to find Captain Falcon, and along the way will discover the hero within himself. "Falcon's Wings is high flying adventure at its best. Cleverly conceived, original, and multi-layered, the action literally jumps off the page and takes the reader through unexpected twists and turns," says Rob MacGregor, author of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Amazon: The Ghost Tribe.

Dagon’s Disciples-Chris and William Carney (Wild Cat Books)

Tentacles of fear hold New York in a crushing grip. In the darkness of night, people are vanishing from the streets. Wild rumors are spreading about horrors rising from the water. And a gigantic beast is terrorizing the harbor, pulling ships down into the depths. THE SCARLET SHROUD leaps into action to unravel the mystery of Dagon's disciples, facing overwhelming odds and a devilish foe, but can he stop the fiend before it's too late?

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