Thursday, February 3, 2011

2011 Pulp Ark New Book Nominations 6 at a Glance

Tales of the Red Panda: The Android Assassins-Gregg Taylor (Autogyro Press)                                                                                        A city beset by the darkness and desperation of the Depression balances upon a knife edge, ready to plunge into chaos and despair. The forces of darkness have been held thus far at bay by a pair of red gauntleted fists, but on how many fronts can Toronto's masked champion fight at one time? An unseen manipulator is pulling the city's surviving businesses to the brink of collapse for his own fiendish purposes just as an old foe returns to unleash his bitter fury upon innocent lives. Who will survive the power of... The Android Assassins?

Robin Hood King Of Sherwood-I. A. Watson-(Airship 27 Productions)
A rousing retelling of a classic legend. If you think you know the story of how a young outlaw named Robin of Loxley became a hero to his oppressed kinsman, guess again. Here is a fresh new version set against the true historical background. Action and adventure galore, with a stunning cover by Mike Manley and interior art by Rob Davis. A new classic in the making.

Sun-Koh-Heir of Atlantis-Art Sippo (Age of Adventure)

Dr. Art Sippo resurrects a lost hero from the German pulps. Called the "German Doc Savage" by pulp historians this highly controversial character is introduced to Western audiences in a blend of adventure, political intrigue, and intelligent fantasy. Includes Dr. Sippo's original 3 part origin saga and two never before seen adventures! A MUST READ for any pulp or Doc Savage fan.

Green Lama Unbound-Adam Garcia (Airship 27 Productions)
A brand new, full length novel starring the Master of the Mystic arts, the Green Lama. Written by Adam Lance Garcia, with cover and illustrations by Mike Fyles, this wall to wall pulp adventure pits the Green Lama and his friends against the Nazis of the Third Reich and an ancient evil from beyond the stars. Soon to become a true pulp classic, this is a book that belongs in every true pulp fan's library.

Weird Horror Tales: The Feasting-Michael Vance-(Airship 27 Productions)
Horror fans can cheer as this second volume of macabre, creepy tales once again centers on the haunted town of Lights End, Maine, where nothing is what it seems. Unimaginable monsters fill the dreams of unsuspecting. Profusely illustrated by fantasy artist Earl Geier, this is a collection readers will not soon forget.

Zombies in Time and Space-multiple authors-(Wild Cat Books)
In the far flung future of planet Earth, the perfectly round orb of a satellite hovered like a gleaming beacon in the sky. It was a new dawn of mankind, when the great scientists had finally harnessed the intricate mysteries of quantum physics as well as tachyon time travel. The breed of beings called "human" had eventually discovered a means to travel throughout time and space. However, there was a minor glitch in the system. After many eons, the greatest minds had conquered the apparent impossibility of time travel without borders. They could transmit matter to any time or place, but there was one border that they could never get beyond... No living organic matter could pass between the realms that make up the endless universe. And thus began the Zombie Institute of Time and Space. And so begins the chronicles of an exciting new concept in "undead" fiction. Seven thrilling tales of terror from some of today's most talented pulp fictioneers, including Robert Morganbesser, John L. French, S. Clayton Rhodes, David Burton and Ver Curtiss. Take a terrifying journey through time and space with the most hideous soldiers ever conceived by science! Cover Art by Nick Neocleous.

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