Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pulp Ark 2011 Spotlight - "The Fate of Gary Wooten"

"The Fate of Gary Wooten"
was nominated for "Best Pulp Related Comic"
at this year's Pulp Ark.

           “The Fate of Gary Wooten” was written and created by Fuller Bumpers. All artwork for this project is handled by John A. Palmer IV a.k.a. "CHILLI"  “CHILL”  “J CHILL” or “CHILLI CHILL”. The Fate of Gary Wooten Episode one was recorded in the Summer of 2010. Episodes 2-6 were published in Pro Se's Magazine line-up between August of 2010 and January of 2011, which can be found at 

Fuller, tell us something about yourself and your background.  Let’s see. In 1974, my mother lived in a very rural area of Arkansas and had to decide whether to drive two hours to Memphis, Tennessee, for my delivery or have the local veterinarian deliver me. As the story goes, I was delivered along with a calf and a litter of puppies in the King’s Barn overlooking the Mississippi River.  Anyway, that about sets the scene for the rest of my life.  I’ve bumped around a bit, but today, I have a wonderful family and live in Batesville, Arkansas.
You're work for “The Fate of Gary Wooten” was nominated for “Best Pulp Related Comic” tell us a little about Gary Wooten.  Gary’s main fault is his personality. A brash tongue would declare that he was a ‘complete douche bag.’ And this is pretty close to the truth. However, without this, the Sisters would have never yanked him out of reality, stopped space and time, brought forth every version of Gary Wooten, and started the ultimate fight to the death.
Chilli is tackling the artwork on Gary. He is very talented and brings a fresh look to the project. He graduated from the Illinois Institute of Art and currently lives outside of Chicago, IL.
At this time there are six episodes of “The Fate of Gary Wooten.” The first episode we recorded as an audio drama, and after the Sisters yank him out of space and time, we turned it into a comic. I think it works pretty well.  The first episode can be heard on this Blog at:, and then episodes 2 through 6 were published in Pro Se's Magazine line-up between August of 2010 and January of 2011, which can be found at  At this time Pro Se is taking a hiatus on new Gary-material, but starting sometime after Pulp Ark 2011, we’ll start churning it out again.  
Tell us about your writing. I like the color gray, and most of my writing will feature stories hidden in the color. As far as my writing history, I spent four years in Los Angeles writing for television and radio.  I have written for blogs and websites, and at one point, I was the roving reporter for a now defunct golf website.  Since that time, I have mainly written for myself, but Pro Se has helped me get back into sharing my work with the public. I appreciate everything Pro Se has done for me as a creator and writer.

What do you have coming up for us to enjoy in 2011? At this time I am writing and drawing a free web comic on this blog; it is called “The American.” It’s about an eighty year old Übermensch with Alzheimer’s and Spinal Stenosis. The pace is a full sprint and at this time, it’s probably got a PG rating but wait until he meets Chlumani Chapawee things will surely change.
I’ll also be starting a series sometime this year for Pro Se called “The Moons of Uranus”; it’s a primary reader on the history of the moons of Uranus written in around 8500 AD or CE.
Also, “The Walls of Jenny’ is coming out in the spring. It will be a lot of fun, and I’ll probably be posting a teaser on the blog sometime in the next 30 days. 
In regard, to Chilli, Tommy Hancock has him lettering the Peculiar Oddfellow comic drawn by Lou Manna. I have seen some of it, and it is awesome. 

Let’s see I think that’s it for now, but I would like to take this time to thank the good people at Pro Se for the opportunity, and Chilli and I are thrilled with the nomination.  It is truly an honor.         

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