Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pulp Ark 2011 Spotlight - LANCE STAR, SKY RANGER

Bobby Nash received a 2011 Pulp Ark Award Nomination in the category “Best Pulp Related Comic” for his work with LANCE STAR, SKY RANGER.

Bobby, Share a bit of background about yourself if you would? I am a writer of novels, comic books, novellas, graphic novels, short stories, and I’ve recently started dabbling in screenplays. You can get more information about me and my books at and

Your comic has received a Pulp Ark BEST PULP comic nomination. Tell us a little about LANCE STAR, SKY RANGER. I started out writing comics then novels, before getting involved with the revival of the pulps.  It was the pulps that led to the creation of Lance Star: Sky Ranger for Airship 27’s anthology series.  In 2010 I decided to take Lance and Co. into comics as well.  With the help of the incredibly talented James Burns on art Lance Star: Sky Ranger “One Shot!” was born.

You're a fairly prolific writer, but this is your first nomination for an award. How does that feel? It feels pretty darn awesome.  This is the first time my professional writing has been recognized with a nomination, which is very gratifying.  I was surprised to see the book among the list of nominees.

Comics and pulps are interrelated mediums. Do you think the comic form should be a more vital part of the pulp genre?  Sure. Why not? Pulp and comics share many traits.  I think many pulp-style stories work well in a comic book format.  I certainly plan to do more.

What might be coming up that could you get back on the Pulp Ark Award list for 2011? There are plans for another Lance Star: Sky Ranger one shot comic in 2011.  It is written and currently with the artists.  There’s also the upcoming All-Star Pulp Comic which features a Secret Agent X story that I wrote.  I also have several pulpy prose books on tap for 2011 including Lance Star: Sky Ranger Vol. 3, Secret Agent X Vol. 4, The Danger People, Rick Ruby, Pulp P.I., and The Wraith, among a few others I can’t mention at the moment.

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