Friday, May 20, 2011


As discussed previously, Pro Se Press unveiled the Pulp Heroine for the 21st Century this past weekend at PULP ARK.   THE PULPTRESS will serve as spokesperson for Pro Se Press as well as the New Pulp Movement in a variety of ways in the near future.

Many have asked for details about this mysterious maven and, even though her identity is unknown to even the Pro Se folks, there is some information about her...and now, Pulp Machine shall share with you....THE PULPTRESS!

The Pulptress is the face of New Pulp for the 21st Century! Raised to be a Heroine of unmatched greatness, She uses her skills for the betterment of life for all and to spread Pro Se and New Pulp wherever her high kickin' feet tread!

The Pulptress, untiring in her efforts to bring justice and the value of Pro Se and New Pulp stories to the world, has little time for a social life. What there is remains hidden in shadows...until stories of her own begin to be told....

The Pulptress has many looks for any kind of adventure! The Wild West, Pirates on the High Seas, Deep Space Action, and any other New Pulp genre you can name! Whatever the adventure, The Pulptress will look the part!
Fighting Crime, Promoting New Pulp stories when and wherever and through both, showing us that Heroes have been, are, and will always be here.
Doesn't use one. If you need her, She'll be there...

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