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 Everyone, after breakfast together at the hotel, arrived at the only full day of PULP ARK programming ready to learn and listen in the PULP ARK classrooms and panels.   The information shared, the tips given, and the chance for fans and creators to talk to some of the leading New Pulp publishers and writers made the second day of PULP ARK one well worth remembering.

Covering the Panels and Classrooms in order-

Wayne Skiver and his son Victor!

This classroom's title speaks for itself.  AGE OF ADVENTURE Publisher and Doc Savage historian Wayne Skiver discussed many things Doc with several PULP ARK attendees and fans.  Using visual aids of all sorts, Wayne delved into Doc's history, impact and influence!

10-11 AM-PANEL-Meet Pro Se Productions!

Barry Reese
Lee Houston, Jr.
Nancy Hansen
Erwin K. Roberts
Ken Janssens

Pete Cooper
Kicked off with a quick introduction by Tommy Hancock, the Pro Se Family of creators shared their histories, their concepts, and their creations with fans and other creators.  Each discussed the properties they have with Pro Se, current plans, and future possibilities!

1-2:00 PM-CLASSROOM-ROB DAVIS-How to Pick a Pulp Scene to Illustrate

Rob Davis teaching Class!

 A crucial part of the Pulp Experience, for Classic and New Pulp alike, is the involvement of an artist.  Airship 27 Partner and Artist Extraordinaire Rob Davis gave pointers on how to determine which scene of a story to illustrate for the greatest impact and best compliment to the tale being told!

2-3:00 PM-AIRSHIP 27 PANEL-Writing New Classic Pulp Adventures Moderator – Ron Fortier

Airship Panel!
From Left, Ron Fortier, Van Plexico, Bob Kennedy, Art Sippo,
Barry Reese, Bobby Nash

Van Plexico

Art Sippo
Robert Kennedy
Barry Reese
Bobby Nash

Moderated by one of the first publishers and authors to break into New Pulp, this Panel focused on the ins and outs of creating, writing, and promoting New Pulp Adventures, stories that would appeal to all types, young and old, collector and fan, avid reader or curious passer-by!  The minds and voices of this Panel are major forces in the movement that is known as New Pulp!

3-4:00 PM- CLASSROOM- TOMMY HANCOCK-History AND Pulp-Bringing Reality and Fiction Together

BOOK CAVE's Ric Croxton(left) and Tommy Hancock

 New Pulp Author and Publisher and Masters Level Historian Tommy Hancock discussed and explained the truth behind the adage 'Reality is Stranger than Fiction' and pointed out various points in World and US History that were more pulpy than any author could write.  Hancock also illustrated how to best utilize History in Pulp and ways it would improve stories and increase interest.

4-5:00 PM-PANEL-SUPER HERO PULP-Moderator-Van Plexico

From Left-
BOOK CAVE'S Ric Croxton, Bobby Nash,
Van Plexico, Wayne Reinagel

Wayne Reinagel
Bobby Nash

Led by Van Plexico, the man who almost single-handedly pioneered Cosmic super hero tales in the New Pulp Movement, these three epic authors discussed very concepts of Super Heroes, what makes these stories Pulps, how to develop characters and ways to make Super Hero Pulp tales exciting, fast paced, and more engaging than comic books!

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