Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pulp Ark Spotlight - Pete Cooper

Come see Pete Cooper at Pulp Ark 2011!!! 

"Artist, poet, braggart... indeed. And talented. A dangerously good man." Pete Cooper is a largely self trained artist who continually pushes to improve his craft. He works in a variety of formats, illustrating for comics, novels, magazines, and storyboards for television and films. Pete has worked for E-Comics Gazette's "MR. DUSK," And Pro Se Productions's magazines "MASKED GUN MYSTERY," "FANTASY and FEAR," and "PECULIAR ADVENTURES.”

Recently, Pete worked with Tommy Hancock creating the art for his novel YesterYear. Hancock had this to say about Pete, "Pete's work for YesterYear is the best work I've seen him do in the almost ten years I've known him.  The book will contain probably 15 illustrations, these four included, spotlighting the Heroes and Villains of YESTERYEAR's first era of Heroes, basicallyfrom 1929-1955.   There will be a mixture of styles as well as genres, including comedy, pulp, and straight super hero and Pete adjusts extremely well to the demands put upon an artist to make such transitions.  The love he has for his craft comes through in his work, especially in these images."

Below is some of Pete's work: 

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