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PULP ARK, the Pulp Convention/Creators’ Conference debuting May 13-15, 2011 in Batesville, AR, is proud to announce that the event will be held in a location that is a primary part of local history in the historic Arkansas town. Built in 1880, the three story building that will be the home of the first PULP ARK enjoyed life as Batesville’s Opera House for eight years. It was renovated and made into a mercantile store after that and then later was home to various other enterprises. It currently houses THE CINNAMON STICK, a coffee and sandwich restaurant. The over 6,000 square feet of space provides not only ample places for tables, displays and guests, but access to the lower level provides an onsite location for panels and classrooms. The lower level, largely untouched since the building’s construction, except for electricity being added, served as the dressing area for the various opera stars and performers in the building’s original incarnation.

A hotspot of activity, The Cinnamon Stick plays host to musicians, artists, and performers on a weekly basis as well as to customers ranging in age from high school kids to senior citizens. The location, 151 W. Main Street in Downtown Batesville, is surrounded by various amenities. Currently there are three restaurants on the street; The Cinnamon Stick, Elizabeth’s, and The Greasy Spoon. These three offer a variety of food and if that were not enough, various other restaurants are within a 1-5 mile radius of the location. Various antique stores, an used book store, a gym, and various other types of businesses line Batesville’s historic downtown area.

THURSDAY MAY 12, 2011-Noon-?

Guests and vendors MAY begin setting up in the Main Hall (Upstairs) if they wish to come in early and do so after 12 noon.
700PM-Mixer Event, Pro Se offices, for Early Guests/Vendors

FRIDAY MAY 13, 2011

8-1200-Further Set up of Vendors and Guests/Registration

1200-600 PM-Main Hall will be open to the Public



3:00-4:00 PM-ALL PULP PANEL-Moderator-Tommy Hancock
Guests-Ron Fortier
Sarge Portera
Barry Reese
Derrick Ferguson
Bobby Nash
Van Allen Plexico

4:00-5:00 PM-Classroom-DAVE BOOP-Slang is @#$&*%! Useful-An exploration of slang in regards to fiction. How is it used effectively to flavor a period piece and not go overboard. Join as we discuss how slang evolves, is regionalized and expands into the collective consciousness.

5:00-6:00 PM Panel-Creating New Pulp Heroes-Moderator Barry Reese-Panelists TBA

800 PM-?-Guest/Vendor Mixer-Pro Se Offices


8AM-500 PM-Main Hall open (open during all the following events)

9-1000 AM-Panel/Classroom

10-1100 AM-Panel-MEET PRO SE PRODUCTIONS! Moderator-Tommy Hancock
Guests -Fuller Bumpers
Barry Reese
Derrick Ferguson
Lee Houston, Jr.
Ken Janssens
Robert Butt
Nancy Hansen
Megan Smith
Erwin K. Roberts
Others TBA

11-12 Noon-Classroom-BARRY REESE-Balancing ‘Real Life’ with Pulp Writing

1-200 PM-Panel/Classroom

2-300 PM-AIRSHIP 27 PANEL Writing New Classic Pulp AdventuresModerator – Ron Fortier
Van Plexico
Frank Schildiner
Robert Kennedy
David Boop
Barry Reese
Eric Jones

3-400 PM-Classroom-WAYNE SKIVER-All You Ever Wanted to Know About Doc Savage!

4-500 PM-Panel-SUPER HERO PULP-Van Allen Plexico, Moderator. Guests-TBA

700PM-Evening Event-Still being planned


SUNDAY MAY 15,2011

8AM-Noon-Main Hall Open (open during all the following events)

8-900 AM-Panel/Classroom

9-1000 AM-PULP FACTORY PANEL Why The Current New Interest in PulpsModerator – Ron Fortier
Tommy Hancock
Mike Bullock
Bobby Nash
Mark Halegua
Wayne Reinagel
Joe Gentile

10-1100 AM-Classroom-ART SIPPO-All You Ever Wanted to know about Sun Koh!

11-12 Noon-Panel/Classroom


THE BLOODY PULP, an interactive pulp play/adventure run throughout PULP ARK! More information on this to come!

COSTUME CONTEST WITH MAJOR PRIZE!!! Come as your favorite Pulp or Pop Culture type character and PLAY ALONG WITH THE REST OF US!

For more information , contact Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief  for Pro Se Productions at or call or text at 870-834-4022.

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